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‘You all are going to get me sued for revealing Jimmy John’s secrets’: Worker shares mayo hack he learned while working at Jimmy John’s

‘Congrats. You cleaned your mayo.’


Phil West


A TikToker revealed a “useless” hack about how to store mayo that he says he learned while working at Jimmy John’s. The creator claims the hack helps make better sandwiches.

Claiming that he had to sign an NDA before learning this trick, creator Marco Vazquez (@marcovazquez36) took to TikTok on Monday with a pair of videos that showcased the hack in painstaking detail. The first post drew more than 2 million views, and the second one brought in nearly an additional 240,000 views—an amazing feat when you consider the contents of the first video.

In that post, Marco is slowly opening a jar of mayo that appears completely pristine above the mayo line, with no residue clinging to the sides of the jar from getting mayo out with a utensil.

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But commenters were not impressed with the first video.

“All I learned is that I don’t want to work at jimmy johns,” said one.

Another sarcastically observed, “Thanks for showing us exactly what you’re doing!!” The number of unsatisfied comments led to the creator posting a follow-up video that elaborated on the mayo hack further.

The second video starts with Marco observing, “You all are going to get me sued for revealing Jimmy John’s secrets.”

The creator then takes a spatula and a spoon, saying, “I bought this spatula and spoon at Dollar Tree for the cost of your mom’s hairpiece.

Marco begins to move the spatula around the inside of the jar with precision, cleaning out the inside of the jar. The entire process takes close to a minute and ends with the TikToker using a paper towel to finish the job.

He finally reveals the purpose of the hack: “There you go—no more nasty over oxidized mayo chunks on your dry bite sandwiches.”

The second video, however, also left some people wanting.

“This is anticlimactic but I don’t know what I thought it would be,” one said.

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“I did say it was a useless skill,” Marco responded in his own defense.

That led the commenter to reply, “I appreciate an honest man.”

Someone else noted, “I thought you were gonna like put water in the Mayo or something to save on Mayo.”

“Probably should have,” Marco wrote back.

Another user was grateful for the second video, observing, “I don’t think there is a single person who watched the first video who would have guessed this is how you did it.”

But at least one commenter was not impressed, writing, “Congrats. You cleaned your mayo.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Jimmy John’s via email.

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