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‘He wants you to go’: Movie-goers say worker pressured them to leave before ‘Inside Out 2’ was officially over

There’s a post-credits ‘secret.’


Grace Fowler


This article contains spoilers for Inside Out 2.

Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2 premiered exclusively in theaters on June 14. Inside Out 2 is a sequel to the highly successful Disney and Pixar film Inside Out (2015), Forbes states. 

An attendee of Inside Out 2 claimed the movie theater worker pressured her and her friends to leave while they waited for a “secret” that supposedly shows up after the credits.

Katlynn’s (@katlynn.niicol3) TikTok documenting what went down received over 40 million views and is now her pinned post on her account.

In the 15-second clip Katlynn posted, she sits inside the movie theater with her friends, and pans the camera over to a worker who is tasked with cleaning up the theater. He is seemingly staring at all of the audience members still in the screening while his arms are crossed.

The movie screen then begins to play a clip of Joy, one of Inside Out’s most prominent characters, and says, “OK deep dark secret. It’s time.”

Katlynn added an on-screen text: “POV: the janitor confused on why we still sitting after the movie ended.”

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What’s in the post-credits scene of Inside Out 2?

Several outlets have confirmed there is a post-credits scene for Inside Out 2, and such scenes are “customary for many Disney properties,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

According to the outlet, in the scene, “We see Joy beckoning Deep Dark Secret out of the vault, attempting to get him to reveal the secret.” The secret the Deep Dark Secret scene was underwhelming for many, as they thought the revelation would be that Riley is gay. However, Deep Dark Secret simply revealed that Riley burned a hole in a rug.

Should you hang back to watch the credits while in a movie theater?

A viewer in the comments section of Katlynn’s video told her, “As a movie theater worker, we are not confused, we are just waiting for you to leave so we can clean.” 

Den of Geek suggests that staying in your set for movie credits is a must-do. “OF COURSE cinema audiences should stay put for the credits! How is this even a question?!” the site states.

One reason movie-goers should stay in their seats for credits, according to Den of Geek, is because “the director and lead actors may be the names on the poster, but hundreds of people put time and effort into making a film, and staying to watch the credits acknowledges that work.”

Secondly, “staying put allows the audience time to digest the film and let it settle, the same way a devoted reader might sit for a few minutes contemplating a book they’ve just finished,” it continues.  

The Daily Dot reached out to request a comment from Katlynn via the TikTok comment section and to Pixar via email. 

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