woman explains how to save money on electricity bill

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‘Our bill went down by $230’: Woman shares hack to spend less on electricity bill

‘Did this and they owed me money every month.’


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In recent years, the cost of living has increased dramatically throughout the country. Residents of the United States are paying more for just about everything—for example, food, rent, utilities, and more.

Concerning utilities, “U.S. residential electricity bills increased 5% in 2022, after adjusting for inflation,” notes the U.S. Energy Information Administration

“Last year had the largest annual increase in average residential electricity spending since we began calculating it in 1984,” the agency explains. “The increase was driven by a combination of more extreme temperatures, which increased U.S. consumption of electricity for both heating and cooling, and higher fuel costs for power plants, which drove up retail electricity prices.”

Seeing these high prices, many homeowners and renters are finding ways to lower their power bills. One user on TikTok recently sparked discussion after revealing her method for doing just that.

@hillycake And i say this with my whole chest: EFF YOU, #pacificelectric ♬ original sound – Hillary Kate

In a video with over 54,000 as of Sunday views, TikTok user Hillary (@hillycake) shares how she managed to reduce her power bill by $230.

“Go to your bill. Look at the peak pricing hours,” she explains. “During those hours, run as little as possible. Unplug as much as you can.”

Hillary then says that she performed this very trick, only using a few appliances here and there during peak hours while leaving certain appliances, like her refrigerator, untouched.

This resulted in a drop in her bill of over $200.

“Maybe just try it,” she concludes.

In the comments section, users shared ways to improve this hack.

“They sell a lot [during] Christmas buying season but ‘outlet timers’ [will] do this for you,” detailed a commenter. “Just set the time you want those things turned off.”

“With a small investment, you could buy a big pack of smart sockets and set them to kill the power at that peak time. Save yourself the trouble,” added another.

“Your HVAC system uses WAY more electricity than any appliance! Adjusting your thermostat a few degrees makes a huge difference,” offered a third.

However, many users simply lamented the high price of energy and the additional charges for using power during peak hours.

“Their peak hours are literally the only hours I’m home and conscious,” noted a user. “It’s infuriating.”

“Peak hours for mine says 8am – 10pm lol,” stated a second.

The Daily Dot reached out to Hillary via Instagram direct message.

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