McDonald’s worker reveals the strange contraption they use to scramble eggs

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‘Isn’t it much faster to just crack the egg and scramble?’: McDonald’s worker reveals the strange contraption they use to scramble eggs

‘No wonder it takes so long in the drive thru.’


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A McDonald’s worker showed a behind-the-scenes look at a contraption used in cooking scrambled eggs that has to be seen to be believed.

The video comes from TikTok creator Paulie D Szczech (@paulie_dangerous), getting more than 494,000 views for a video that went up on Saturday. Paulie labels the star of the video a “crazy contraption for scrambled eggs at McDonald’s,” and in it, he and a co-worker are attempting to navigate the metal device.

The video shows the pair wondering how many scoops of liquid egg mix to put into the device, which is a metal rectangle with four divided square sections for cooking eggs.

Upon going for it with two scoops poured into each section, much of the video is spent capturing the actual cooking of the eggs. The suspense, magnified by seeing the contraption moved back and forth across the metal grilling surface, is whether they’ll look like eggs a customer would want to eat.

Because change is hard, Paulie remarks at one point that the co-worker “likes the old way better.”

But, at about the 1:50 mark of the video, which lasts close to two minutes and 15 seconds total, they assess the square egg forms as “not bad” before flipping them over with a gloved hand to finish the work.

Commenters had thoughts.

“It’s 1 scoop,” advised one. “Let it [sit] for a few seconds, then slowly move it back [and] forth.” That person then noted, by way of qualification, “I was a Crew Trainer at McDonalds.”

Someone else, perhaps joking, noted, “It’s 2 scoops if it’s busy and you need more real quick.”

Another added, “You can always cut the others in half lol.”

One person wondered, “Isn’t it much faster to just crack the egg and scramble?”

Paulie responded, “I know nothing.”

“That’s a lot of wasted time,” another flatly assessed.

“Totally agree,” said Paulie.

Someone else extrapolated from this, “No wonder it takes so long in the drive thru.”


Crazy contraption for scrambled eggs at McDonald’s

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That set off a complaint from another commenter, who shared, “For real I haven’t been to McDs in months and we went last night we were trapped in the drive thru for 25 min just to get cold fries 😳 Never again!”

Paulie helpfully added, “You can ask for fresh fries when you go there but you shouldn’t have to,” before assessing, “McDonald’s quality has gotten worse over the years.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Paulie via TikTok comment and to McDonald’s via email.

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