Hotel bathroom doesn't come with door, walls are glass


‘Who doesn’t want privacy in a bathroom???!!’: Hotel bathroom doesn’t come with door, walls are glass

‘My literal worst nightmare.’


Braden Bjella


A video posted by a hotel guest traveling to the Netherlands shows a bizarre design choice: a bathroom without a door.

In a video with over 528,000 views, TikTok user Ben Souza (@cruisefever), who describes himself as a “journalist and world traveler,” shows a hotel room with an open floor plan. The floor plan is so open, in fact, that the bathroom does not have a door— and the walls of the bathroom are made of glass, allowing anyone else in the room to see inside.

“This hotel didn’t bother to add a door to the bathroom since the walls are glass,” Souza wrote in the text overlaying the video.


No privacy here

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Commenters were quick to express their shock and disgust about the possibilityof a fully visible toilet without a door.

“Nope. Not for me. I could never,” stated a user.

“My literal worst nightmare,” added another.

“[No] way, would choose different hotel,” offered a third.

That said, many noted that hotels like these were surprisingly common.

“This happened to my family and my adult son and daughter were NOT pleased!” recalled a commenter.

“The shower in our hotel room in Germany was at the END OF OUR BED…. no curtain, no privacy,” shared a second.

A few users detailed that the experience may not be as bad as it initially seems.

“We stayed at a hotel like that and there was a switch on the wall that tinted the glass for privacy,” remembered a commenter.

However, some countered that this doesn’t always work as planned.

“Our bathroom in Amsterdam. A sensor was supposed to make the glass opaque,” said a user. “It didn’t.”

As far as Souza is concerned, he told The Daily Dot in an email that he was fine with the arrangement.

“The video was taken at the nhow Rotterdam Hotel. There are photos of the bathrooms on the hotel’s website when you are booking it,” he wrote. “I was traveling by myself so I didn’t mind it one bit — this was actually the second time I stayed at this hotel in the past 6 months.”

“I would stay there with my wife without hesitation,” he continued. “If someone is traveling with friends, siblings, their parents, or children who are older than toddlers, then you would probably want to book a different hotel.”

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