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‘I drive a BMW now and my name is Karen. People are gonna think it’s intentional’: Driver coincidentally receives license plate that says ‘Hater.’ She has to pay $50 to change it

‘You’ve been given a gift and you want to UNDO IT??!!’


Braden Bjella


In the United States, one can spice up their vehicle by purchasing a vanity plate. For a typical cost of around $20 to $50, one can change their license plate to something fun— an act usually done just to add an inexpensive yet personal modification to a car.

However, sometimes, license plates must be changed to avoid an awkward situation, as TikTok user Karen Mota (@karenmota30) recently revealed in a video with over 613,000 views.

“I went to get my plates today, and this is what I got,” Mota says, holding up her new license plate number. The number is “HAA8TR —which reads as “hater.”

@karenmota30 Haterz #dmv #plates #fyp ♬ original sound – Karen Mota

Mota says she had initially considered custom plates, but decided against them. Furthermore, she says that if she were still driving her old Honda Accord, she may have kept the new plates. However, “I drive a BMW now, and my name’s Karen, so definitely can’t do that. People are going to think it’s intentional.”

In the comments section, many users said that Mota should keep the new plates.

“You’ve been given a gift and you want to UNDO IT??!!” exclaimed a user.

“Some ppl don’t see their blessings fr,” added another. “KEEP IT.”

“My name is also Karen,” shared a third. “Keep it. You were given a gift.”

Others simply recounted their own license plate issues.

“I had to get new Texas plates and they came in just before we ended up moving out of state,” recalled a commenter. “They were: JH69R…my husband’s initials and 69 and my initial!!! WTF!”

“Girl my last plate was AARP65- like the the company and added 65 to remind me that you have to be a senior citizen for some of their products,” detailed a second.

“me when my plate from AAA was 8AIR420,” offered an additional TikToker. “except I was stoked hahahah.”

We’ve reached out to Mota via Instagram direct message.

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