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‘Girl, you’re taking the lie too far’: Customer says her hairstylist faked a car accident to get out of returning her deposit

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Posted on Nov 1, 2023

When you’re giving someone control over a major aspect of your appearance, it’s important that the person is someone you can trust. That’s why a good hairstylist can be hard to find, and why you might want to cut ties with a hairstylist who lies.

At least, that seems to be the lesson gleaned from a now-viral video in which TikToker Eat With Keeks (@eatwithkeeks) shared how her hairstylist faked a car accident to get out of a hair appointment.

Keeks began her story, “You wanna talk about crazy hairstylists? When I first moved to Atlanta, this girl faked a car accident so she wouldn’t have to do my hair.”

On the day of her appointment, Keeks received a text message from the hairstylist that included a picture of a badly damaged car. In the message, the stylist claimed she had just been struck by another vehicle, and her car was totaled. Though Keeks was worried about her health, the hairstylist claimed she was fine and wanted to move the appointment to later that night.

After the exchange, Keeks saved the photo and noticed something was off.

“This is March 2021 when this has happened,” Keeks explained. “We all have iPhones nowadays, so when I saved the picture that she sent me of the car, It was [dated] April 11, 2020. Mind you, it’s March 2021. So she’s lying. But I need my deposit back.”

Even though Keeks knew the woman was lying, she had still put in a deposit, so she decided to just push the appointment back. Unfortunately, the hairstylist’s lies were only getting started.

“So I messaged her back, and I said, ‘Hey, it’s getting a little late. Any update? If not, would you be able to send my deposit back? We can reschedule another time,'” Keeks continued.

Then Keeks received a bizarre message that doubled down on the lies. Claiming to be another person, her stylist said that she was placed under anesthesia due to a minor concussion and couldn’t answer the phone.

The next day, after texting back and forth, Keeks finally received her deposit back. With her refund settled, Keeks felt emboldened to call the hairstylist out.

“I got my money, so now I can act up a little bit,” she told viewers.

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She texted her stylist: “Also. For a minor concussion they are actually supposed to keep you up. You wouldn’t go under anesthesia for a minor concussion. You could have died last night, but I’m glad you’re okay.”

The hairstylist tripled down on her fake injuries, replying that she had internal bleeding from the collision.

“Girl, you’re taking the lie too far,” Keeks told viewers. “And I’m seeing her on Instagram. That’s what’s really grinding my gears. You’re lying, and I found your page.”

Finally, Keeks cut ties with the lying stylist. “Hmmm, a minor concussion would not result in internal bleeding,” she texted. “Transparency and honesty is always best. I would’ve preferred you to just reschedule. Good luck with your Karma.”

Keeks’ video has been viewed over 691,000 times as of publication. In the comments section, viewers were baffled by the stylist’s lies.

“Minor concussion but under anesthesia took me ouuuutttttt,” one viewer commented.

“Like why go to these lengths!!!!” another remarked.

“I’ve come up with some stuff to call off work, but nothing like this,” a third added.

Others shared similar stories.

“I had a lash lady tell me her whole shop flooded and it destroyed the electrical in the building, I was so understanding, until she said I can come in. The next evening… so I went and the shop was completely fine, no damage. Like why lie??!!!” a user shared.

“My hairstylist did this to me in Houston,” a second said.

“Yup this happened to me a month ago,” another replied.

The Daily Dot reached out to Keeks via Instagram direct message for further information.

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*First Published: Nov 1, 2023, 5:57 pm CDT