Goodwill building with sign (l) Target apparel hanging on Goodwill rack with caption 'When Goodwill stuffs their entire store with Target overstock' (c) Target building with sign (r)

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‘Isn’t this what Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx is for?’: Goodwill caught stocking ‘entire store’ with Target overstock

‘Literally and they charge practically the same price.’


Braden Bjella


For those looking to save a little money on Target goods, a recent TikTok video suggests that your best bet may be checking out your local Goodwill.

In a clip with over 112,000 views, TikTok user and thrifter Ash (@fleamarketshawty) explores the stock of their local Goodwill. The shelves appear to be filled with extra items from Target.

“Is this just in my city??” Ash asks in the caption. “Its getting excessive. Like nobody asked for this.”

@fleamarketshawty Is this just in my city?? Its getting excessive. Like nobody asked for this 😭 #thrifting #goodwil ♬ original sound – 🤭

The fact that some Targets seem to dump their extra stock into thrift stores has been an open secret amongst thrifters and couponers for quite some time.

For example, a user on Reddit noted that they discovered that “a local Target donates unsold items to Goodwill” about 5 years ago, picking up some cheap chairs in the process.

Some couponers have even posted guides showing users how they can find local Target salvage stores. These tips include asking employees and looking for certain brands in nearby thrift and liquidation stores.

That said, TikTokers in Ash’s comments section were not thrilled by the prevalence of such items in their local secondhand shops.

“Isn’t this what Marshall’s and tjmaxx is for?” asked a user.

“Literally and they charge practically the same price,” added another.

“It’s so much harder to find vintage clothing now bc of the overpriced target overstock,” complained a third.

“Mine did this with Zara and charged Zara prices lmao. Mainly $50-$120 for it,’ recalled a further TikToker.

That said, some users still managed to score some deals after sorting through overstock.

“The clothes are bad, but sometimes I find good household stuff for cheap,” shared a commenter.

“y’all are insane the whole point of thrift stores is to find inexpensive clothing not vintage coquette items,” detailed a second. “this is a good solution imo.”

We’ve reached out to Target and Ash via email.

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