Shopper says she cut nearly $100 off her grocery bill by shopping at Family Dollar.

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‘Do you see all these groceries?’: Shopper says she cut nearly $200 off her grocery bill by shopping at Family Dollar. How did she do it?

'It's the most insane haul of my life.'


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Posted on Mar 22, 2024   Updated on Mar 22, 2024, 11:42 am CDT

A Family Dollar shopper is urging folks to visit the chain, stating that the brand’s mass closures have culminated in a series of too-good-to-miss deals that helped her shave $200 off her bill. Her haul consisted of a bevy of groceries and tons of cleaning products that should last her for a long time.

Queen Tay (@queentayshops) is a social media influencer who churns out savings and deals-related content. She says that if folks can find a Family Dollar that’s closing down, they’ll be able to save 50% off of all their items, which can then be combined with coupons they get from the store’s mobile app.

However, some said not all Family Dollar stores are closing down, so it’s important to do some leg work to ensure you’re headed to the correct location. It’s also worth mentioning that this wasn’t a quick trip for the influencer: She says she spent about an entire workday inside the Family Dollar.

“I just spent seven hours at a Family Dollar and you need to go do the same, look at what I just got,” she says. “For context: the stores are closing.”

She pans her camera over a wide variety of groceries.

“I got half off, the entire store is 50% off including all the groceries,” she says. “Do you see all these groceries? This was originally $170, and I got it down to about $75 or $80 because you can stack it with coupons in the app.”

She continues, “The reason I’m not sure is because I got an additional $70 to $80 aka, $150-$160 worth of cleaning supplies.” She then shows other bags full of supplies.

“It’s the most insane haul of my life,” she concludes. “I got $200 off of my ticket. Off of my $300 ticket? With the half-off plus the stacked coupons. Y’all need to run I’m so serious.”

@queentayshops Yall please run this is the best haul of my life #couponing #familydollar #dollartree #clearance #clearancehunter #queentayshops ♬ original sound – Queen Tay

One person commended Tay’s penchant for finding meaningful deals that help them to take their money further, writing, “Girl u are the reason I save money.”

One TikToker clarified that not all Family Dollar locations are indeed shutting down, which is something that Tay corroborated with her own reply: “Just clarifying, not all Family Dollar locations are closing.”

And while all of them aren’t shutting down, there’s a good chance one in your area could be. CBS News reported how Dollar Tree will be shuttering 1,000 stores, with 600 of them being Family Dollar franchises in 2024.

According to the outlet, the biggest reason for these closures is due to inflation: “The retailer’s family of brands has struggled as inflation impacts its low-income shoppers’ wallets. More customers are shopping around and comparing prices at competing retailers to ensure they are getting the best deal, while more incidences of shoplifting are also hurting its bottom line.”

RetailWire rep Dominick Miserandino told CBS that these store closures ultimately affect America’s lower-income communities the hardest, as he says they are “dependent on these stores.”

This seems to have been a consideration of one TikToker who commented, “Idea for those who have a little extra to spend…buy notebooks, pens, pencils and donate them to schools who need them or at family shelters.”

However, according to another viewer’s comment, the mass closure of Dollar Tree stores could be part of a larger restructuring strategy to move stores into different markets.

“That must be certain cities that are closing stores,” they said. “In my town, they are literally opening new dollar tree and family dollar locations in the next few months.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Family Dollar and Tay via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Mar 22, 2024, 7:00 pm CDT