golden grahams bars with taped note that reads 'missing 6 price - 1.10' (l) Family Dollar storefront (r)

Eric Glenn/Shutterstock @1ruddhuxtable/TikTok (Licensed)

‘It’s missing 6 so they only going to charge you a portion’: Family Dollar marks down open box of Golden Graham bars that only has 2 inside

‘Times are that tough huh.’


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A viral TikTok video showcased a bizarre sale of an open box of Golden Graham bars at a Kansas City Family Dollar.

TikToker Ruddi Huxtable (@1ruddhuxtable) filmed the short clip while browsing the aisles of her local Family Dollar.

@1ruddhuxtable Whew Chile…..Look at this! Now why would they do Dat?!?!?! inmyDellaReesevoice #kc #hoodstorechronicles ♬ original sound – Ruddi Huxtable

In the 11-second clip, Ruddi focused her camera on a single box of Golden Graham bars with a handwritten note taped to the front that read, “Missing 6; Price – 1.10.”

“I swear to God you can’t make this sh*t up,” Ruddi said while a woman behind her laughed hysterically. “I’m at Family Dollar on Prospect.”

“It’s missing six, so they only going to charge you a portion,” she concluded with a chuckle.

The video has garnered over 228,000 views and nearly 12,000 likes in one day. Commenters found the video hilarious. Many shared stories of similar items they’ve found while browsing dollar stores.

“Sometimes when you’re working you need a snack but not the whole box,” one user joked.

“I saw this the other day at Family Dollar,” a second shared.

“They dead a** do this at all the dollar [stores] around me. I think the managers get together at the local bar to come up with ideas,” a third wrote.

Though most laughed at the dollar store high jinks, some commenters pointed out that other retailers have similar practices.

“Marshalls does this too like,” one user said.

“My old job would tell me to sell things that are missing quantities of them, just for cheap,” a second explained.

“Burlington had an open pack of pretzel crisps in the clearance section for $2.49,” a third shared.

“My Target does this now too,” another added.

Though the discounts may seem reasonable, buying open packages can increase a customer’s risk of illness or injury. Food tampering to cause intentional harm or spread disease is rare in the United States, but some cases do occur.

For example, in 2021, a former employee of It’ll Be Pizza, a pizza dough company, entered a Maine grocery store and inserted razor blades into his former employer’s products. Another terrifying example involved a grocery store worker in Pennsylvania inserting needles into vegetable bags and Tastykakes products.

These are just a few examples of why, for safety’s sake, consumers should avoid purchasing open, torn, or damaged goods.

The Daily Dot contacted Ruddi via TikTok comment and Family Dollar via email for further information.

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