Company gives workers one hot dog each for Employee Appreciation Day

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‘I could get that for $1.50 at Costco’: Company gives workers 1 hot dog for Employee Appreciation Day. They can’t believe there’s a catch

'Boycotting these events is a good strategy.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Mar 2, 2024   Updated on Mar 2, 2024, 8:47 am CST

At a time when people are searching for higher wages to keep up with inflation, businesses are using a variety of tactics to try to keep employees in their current roles.

A recent article in Harvard Business Review attempts to predict the trends that will dominate the workplace in 2024; their first prediction is that “organizations will offer creative benefits to address the costs of work”—a move that doubtless comes as a result of higher costs and the desire for increased wages.

However, heightening wages involves having the company spend more money, which can in turn eat into a company’s profits. As many companies are hesitant to engage in behaviors that may adversely affect their bottom line, they may opt for other perceived benefits to maintain employees, such as the notorious in-office pizza party.

Employees aren’t always a fan of these moves—especially when they’re rolled out in the way that Reddit user u/Rainbow62993’s husband experienced.

In a post on r/AntiWork, the Redditor shares a text message about her husband’s company’s “employee appreciation day.” To show their love for their workers, the company is offering employees “a hot dog, bag of chips, and a soda.”

The catch? If employees want these goodies, they’re going to have to fork over $10.

In the texts, the person with whom the Redditor is communicating is in disbelief. 

“What the F***,” they write. “Are you kidding.”

The Redditor affirms that they are not kidding and lays out how the scheme is supposed to work.

“A woman went around getting everyone on a list today and let them know to bring in $10 if they wanted the hot dog, chips, and soda,” the Redditor wrote in a text. “They’re showing employee appreciation by making them pay $10 for that little a** meal.”

The Redditor goes on to sarcastically note that “Everyone will be getting a candy bag for free!” and that their husband did not participate. In later comments, the Redditor says that only 19 people ended up taking the company’s offer and that all of the free candy received “was hard.”

Commenters shared in the Redditor’s shock at the request.

“Lol they probably going to profit off everyone’s $10 for that,” observed a commenter.

“The sad part is there will be employees that will praise management for the gesture and other employees who’ll go along with the sentiment,” offered another.

“Boycotting these events is a good strategy,” declared a third. “Let them know they failed as they throw out the cheap, crappy food no one bothered to eat.”

Another, mocking the worker tasked with getting people on the list, wrote, “No Deborah, I don’t particularly appreciate having to pay for overpriced food for employee appreciation day. I could get that for $1.50 at Costco.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Rainbow62993 via Reddit chat.

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*First Published: Mar 2, 2024, 10:00 am CST