DoorDash denies customer refund after she repeatedly did not receive her drink

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‘Y’all are hanging up on me for THREE DOLLARS???’: DoorDash denies Taco Bell customer refund after she repeatedly didn’t get her drink

'So because the restaurants keep messing up that’s my fault?'


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Posted on Dec 31, 2023   Updated on Dec 31, 2023, 12:44 pm CST

TikToker Brice (@missbriiiice) unleashed a fury of frustration on DoorDash, captivating 268,000 viewers with her video titled, “ARE YALL FR ??????? I’ve spent so much money on this app and y’all are hanging up on me for THREE DOLLARS????? Time for uber eats.”

Her passionate rant about a missing Taco Bell drink has sparked a conversation about customer service in a booming era of food delivery apps.

In her own fiery words, Brice expressed, “I’m so f*cking pissed off right now… I swear to God. On Thursday, I ordered Taco Bell, OK? I did not get my drink… And the Dasher even called me and told me that Taco Bell was out of ice… DoorDash denied my refund twice for something I f*cking paid for!”

Brice said she called them “three f*cking times in the last hour…every f*cking time they’ve hung up on me and said…they don’t have to refund.”

“DoorDash, you can go f*ck yourself,” she concludes.

As it happens, DoorDash themselves had the top comment on Brice’s video, expressing regret along with an earnest request for Brice to email the application: “We’re so sorry you’ve had to deal with such a frustrating experience with missing items and poor customer service! Please email us…” the official account commented.

However, it didn’t seem like Brice was readily accepting of the olive branch, as she replied, “The fact that I had to make a video for a response is beyond ridiculous. I’ll take the loss of a whopping THREE dollars, retrain your employees w all the money y’all steal from customers.” Other viewers weren’t buying it, either. 

TikTokers were quick to share their own experiences and suggestions. One user revealed, “Ya. I’ve been told I’ve had ‘too many issues lately’ for them to refund.”

Another discussed inadequate refunds, sharing, “My favorite is when you don’t get something or you get the wrong thing and they offer to refund you less than you paid for it.” A practical tip came from a user who advised, “That’s why I pay with a CC and just dispute the whole damn charge.”

@missbriiiice @DoorDash ARE YALL FR ??????? I’ve spent so much money on this app and y’all are hanging up on me for THREE DOLLARS????? Time for uber eats #doordash #customerservice #horrible #dashpass #ubereats ♬ original sound – Brice

To be fair, with some users editing their food for refunds, DoorDash’s stringent refund policy might be a shield against such deceit. However, with a massive market cap of $39.37 Billion, could DoorDash afford a more customer-friendly approach? The answer, one would assume is probably yes, however, there are reports that DoorDash has yet to turn a profit during all of its existence despite its widespread use. 

Brice’s viral video very sharply underscores TikTok’s role as a modern-day public square, where consumer complaints can gain both immediate and widespread attention. DoorDash’s response in the comments signifies their recognition of TikTok’s influence in shaping public perception and with so many horror stories associated with the application on social media, it’s not difficult to understand why.

The Daily Dot has reached out to DoorDash and Taco Bell via email and Brice via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Dec 31, 2023, 3:00 pm CST