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‘He snipes me with this photo’: DoorDash customer orders Jersey Mike’s. Her driver won’t just leave it at the door

'That photo is exactly why I make sure they're gone before I go out lol.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Jul 31, 2023   Updated on Jul 31, 2023, 9:10 am CDT

Something as simple as ordering food delivery through services like DoorDash and Uber Eats can create a host of issues for drivers if anything goes wrong—incorrect orders or orders that a customer reports as missing can often result in a loss of pay.

One DoorDash driver was apparently not willing to chance losing out on a successful order delivery and ignored a request from a customer to leave her Jersey Mike’s order at her doorstep without ringing the doorbell.

The customer in this interaction, TikTok content creator Annabelle Jean (@anabelle.jeann) says she specifically requested the contactless and silent drop-off because her infant son was asleep.

In the video which has drawn over 1.7 million views, she says she heard the first time her delivery driver rang the doorbell, and began making a bottle for her son thinking that it would be the only ring once and she could carry on. He ended up ringing the doorbell for a total of four minutes, she says.

@anabelle.jeann doordash does me dirty… i wasnt palnning to see the paparazzi let alone answer the door🥴 love food tho so we chillin #doordash #food #momlife ♬ original sound – Anabelle Jean

“I’m like, this man has to leave it on my porch,” she says. “The instructions said that. He’s so nice, nicest man ever. I’m not hating on him. He’s so nice but I did say those instructions to avoid this situation happening. It gets worse. You don’t think it can get worse, right? No. This is the picture—like, this dasher man just did me so dirty. Not only does he wake up my baby, make me make a bottle sooner than I was planning on it, so I didn’t have anything ready, so it took me longer to make the bottle, he sat and rang my doorbell for like four minutes straight and then he snipes me with this photo.”

Annabelle Jean then shows the image the driver took of her grabbing the order from him. She clarifies in the video that she was not mad about the situation but found it funny and wanted to share it with her viewers.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Annabelle Jean via Instagram direct message, as well as to DoorDash via email.

Several viewers suggested the delivery driver was simply trying to be thorough in ensuring she received her order to avoid any loss.

“Hes making sure you dont report it not arriving,” one commenter wrote.

“Lol that’s some way to make sure you don’t lie about not getting your food,” another said.

Others shared that they frequently left notes explicitly stating that they have a sleeping baby in the home and have not had any issues with drivers waking up their children.

“put ‘dont ring doorbell sleeping baby’ i put it every time and they have never knocked or rang the door bell,” one commented.

“I always put baby sleeping when I DoorDash and they never ring the doorbell,” another commenter wrote.

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*First Published: Jul 31, 2023, 9:08 am CDT