Bartender shares which drink orders will prompt him to check your ID

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‘Can I just get a shot of Tito’s?’: Bartender shares which drink orders will prompt him to check your ID

‘Not me at 31 ordering a dirty Shirley that way.’


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It is said that you can tell a lot about a person from the kind of beverage they order at the bar. Whether a classic old fashioned or a fruity cosmo, a person’s drink of choice can say so much more than they intend to.

One bartender claims that he can tell which drink orders might require extra scrutinization of customers’ IDs.

In a video posted to TikTok, bartender @swagg0dd says he always checks IDs of customers who order drinks from him, but that these drinks in particular raise concern for him about whether or not a customer is of legal age.

In the video, the poster uses text overlays to communicate the drink orders he says are often most suspect. These include:

  • A shot of Tito’s Handmade Vodka
  • A dirty Shirley Temple, really sweet with lots of cherries
  • A vodka soda made with Patron—which is actually a brand of tequila

@swagg0dd notes in his TikTok bio that “issa joke,” but the Daily Dot reached out via comment on the video and TikTok direct message for elaboration on these underage red flags.

Previously, this poster drew attention by claiming to shortchange customers on beverages if they chose not to tip, saying, “when they go low, I go lower,” and indicating that he drinks the rest of the alcohol that would have been incorporated into the shot himself.

In most U.S. states, bartenders and store clerks are required to ask customers who appear to be under the age of 35 for their ID when purchasing alcohol. The sale of alcohol, including alcoholic beverages, to anyone under the age of 21 is often a felony or misdemeanor depending on where it occurs.

However, bartenders themselves can be as young as 18 in some states. So while someone who is underage can sell alcohol, they cannot be sold alcohol.

Some viewers commented on the video that they felt called out by the poster, and shared which of the drinks he named they personally enjoyed.

“Handing over my ID for that dirty Shirley every time,” one commenter wrote. “POUR IT UP BABY.”

“I’ll die on the hill that dirty shirleys are a SWEET TREAT FOR EVERY AGE!!!” another said.

“That’s my dirty Shirley order at 27,” a third commented.

@swagg0dd diaclaimer I always check IDs but these.. o boi #fyp #serviceindustryproblems #bartendersoftiktok #serviceindustrylife #bartendertok #restaurantlife ♬ september slowed – mar 🪼

Others shared that the video confirmed for them that if they think their bartender is judging them for their beverage order, they’re probably right.

“i’m of age to drink but istg bartenders judge you on ANY drink you order,” one commenter wrote. “like dawg just let me get what i want in peace.”

“This is why I hate going to bars,” another commented. “Any drink I order I always feel like I’m being judged.”

“Bartender once bullied me into getting a different drink bc he said ‘vodka redbulls are too basic,’ but that’s my fav drink,” a further user said.

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