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‘Don’t’: Woman warns against booking with American Airlines right now. Here’s why

‘They’ll literally just hang up on you.’


Stacy Fernandez


American Airlines keeps getting called out by customers for delays and bad customer service.

Just a few days ago, a man said his flight was delayed by 12 hours because the airline didn’t have enough staff to run the flight. A woman traveling with her family, including small children, said the airline only offered her $25 for the significant delays they dealt with. And another time, the airline was accused of initially refusing to refund a grieving mother her dead son’s airplane ticket.

Now this Texas woman claims the airline unnecessarily canceled or delayed dozens of flights leaving from Texas this week.

In a TikTok, Makenzi Berg (@makenziberg) warns that if you live in Austin or Dallas, “do not book American Airlines right now.”

Behind her is a greenscreen screenshot of several American Airlines flights, each marked with delay times.

Berg claims that the airline has been overbooked since Memorial Day.

“But all they keep doing is delaying flights over and over and over and pushing them back until they cancel them and rebook you new flights,” Berg says.

The Daily Dot couldn’t find any evidence that this is what’s happening.

The North Texas region reportedly experienced severe thunderstorms

In her TikTok, Berg adds the gate agent told fliers that the delay wasn’t due to weather. However, the Dallas-Fort Worth area has been experiencing a week full of storms that lasted through Sunday (the same day the video was posted), Fox4 News reported.

The storms flooded parts of the city and caused power outages as well as hail the size of golf balls. By Sunday afternoon, more than 430 flights were delayed, and more than 140 were fully canceled.

Fox reported DFW’s Sunday flights were “the most cancellations and delays out of any other airport in the world.”

Berg says she noticed that the Delta flights wasn’t having the same issues as American.

She’s right

On Sunday, American canceled 238 flights and delayed 423. Meanwhile, Delta had one cancelation and 30 delays, according to Flight Aware data.

“American Airlines is awful,” Berg says.

She adds that even if the issues were weather-related. “Why are Delta and United doing fine then,” she questions.

On top of that, Berg says she couldn’t get a hold of customer service.

“They’ll literally just hang up on you,” Berg says.

She records her phone on the line with customer service. Sure enough, when it came time to get an agent on the line, the call hung itself up.

“A line of over 300 people got their flights cancelled & hardly anybody can get ahold of customer service to rebook or get a refund,” Berg said in the caption.

@makenziberg American Airlines is awful. Before you come at me, our gate agent told us this isnt weather related & none of the delta flights were like this. A line of over 300 people got their flights cancelled & hardly anybody can get ahold of customer service to rebook or get a refund. @American Airlines @americanairlineofficial ♬ original sound – Makenzi Berg

The video is nearing 100,000 views and has hundreds of comments.

“I’ve flown American for years and honestly only a handful of them have been on time,” a customer wrote.

“This happens every year in May/june w AA. It’s ridiculous. I moved away from them bc of it,” a person said.

“They’re doing this out of Charlotte too. My flight was canceled six times before finally being canceled. I had to rebook with Delta,” another shared.

The Daily Dot reached out to Berg for comment via TikTok direct message and to American Airlines via email.

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