Dollar General customer reveals how to penny shop in the store

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‘Don’t talk about penny shopping’: Dollar General customer reveals how to penny shop in the store

'you can come get all of the pennies from my store you want. It saves me work'


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Posted on Feb 24, 2024   Updated on Feb 24, 2024, 2:01 pm CST

If you want to save even more money shopping at Dollar General, a woman has you covered by revealing how to penny shop.

TikTok user Elisha (@epelland23) stands inside a store. “OK, so here are the rules to penny shopping,” she starts the video. “No. 1: We don’t talk about the penny shopping. We don’t talk about the penny list.”

She urges her followers not to talk about this in front of Dollar Tree employees. Why? “Because penny items are items that are discontinued that they’re supposed to remove from the shelves,” the content creator explains. 

Every week, Dollar General managers receive a list of items to remove from the shelves. However, they are marked down to a penny if they aren’t removed. How do you obtain this list? Elisha recommends following Kristie’s Connections, a couponer who releases Dollar General’s weekly penny list. “After downloading the app, you must have your location set to the Dollar General you are at. “Some items penny out at different locations and other locations,” she says.

Furthermore, another rule is that you have to take every penny item you find. “As soon as the Dollar General employee scans it and it’s a penny, they’re actually instructed to go remove all the items,” Elisha shares. Afterward, the content creator moved on to how to use Dollar General’s app by screen sharing. When you’re in the app, she says to click on the arrow to your location and change it to whichever one you’re at. 

Moreover, to find an item, the content creator instructs to hit the bar code and scan the item. “If it’s a penny item, it will come up as 0.00. So, when you scan at the register, it’ll be a penny,” she says. Then, Elisha wraps up the video by reiterating the recommendation to go to Kristie’s Connections on social media and reviewing Dollar General’s store policy on penny items.

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The Daily Dot reached out to Elisha via Instagram direct message, TikTok comment, and direct message and Dollar General via press email. The video racked up over 604,000 views as of Saturday afternoon. In the comments, viewers pointed out issues with the advice.

“My dg has self checkout soooo yeah lol,” one viewer wrote.

“[They] don’t always honor it, they can just take it behind the counter and say they cant sell it . Happened to me,” a second noted.

“They usually refuse to sell them to you. Dollar tree often has items that ring in for a penny but they confiscated from you and refused to sell that,” a third stated.

On the flip side, others shared how to bypass these problems.

“Get there right when they open because when I check out, the employees scurry around pulling the items off the shelves,” one user suggested.

“I’m a DG manager. We don’t always get the list, believe me. And you can come get all of the pennies from my store you want. It saves me work,” a second said.

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*First Published: Feb 24, 2024, 7:00 pm CST