Costco customer in wig while holding mom's card (l) Costco customer holding receipt with card (c) Costco customer at checkout in wig with caption 'They didn't even check' (r)

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‘They didn’t even check’: Costco customer wears wig to get in with mom’s membership. It doesn’t go to plan

'I just got caught last week lol.'


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Posted on Jul 12, 2023   Updated on Jul 12, 2023, 9:12 am CDT

In a viral video, a TikToker wore a wig to better resemble his mom’s Costco card picture. Turns out the extra effort was unnecessary.

The video begins with the creator, Étienne Najman (@etiennenajman), sitting in the car with his boyfriend as he explains that Costco has recently been “cracking down on memberships.” The last few times he went to the retailer, he used his mom’s card and seemingly got called out on it at self-checkout.

“I’m going to put on a wig and see if I can get my groceries,” Najman says, holding a straight black wig in his hand as his boyfriend softly shakes his head.

Based on the video, Najman didn’t enter the store with the wig on and shop in it the whole time, instead, he appeared to have put on the wig right before heading to self-checkout.

Once the wig is secured on his head, Najman smiles at the camera while holding up the picture on his mom’s Costco card next to his face. He doesn’t look much like his mom in the photo, but there’s certainly more of a resemblance with the wig than when he’s rocking his normal short cut.

@etiennenajman We just got a Costco membership too 😭 #relationships #couplecomedy #lgbtq #gay #gaycouples #gaycomedy ♬ original sound – Étienne Najman

In the next clip, Najman looks around, anticipating a worker approaching him to check that he’s the person on the Costco card. He walks past a worker and up to self-checkout, but no one bats an eye.

“They didn’t even check,” Najman says, with an obvious look of disappointment.

The video has more than 100,000 views and dozens of comments.

Costco is a membership-based establishment, meaning customers must hold a valid membership card not only to enter the retailer but to check out. Without that card, customers will be forced to leave their items behind or get a new card on the spot.

The basic tier for a Costco card is the Gold Star membership which comes with a $60 annual membership fee, according to the retailer’s website. It includes a free card for household members to use and is valid at all locations worldwide. There is also a $120 membership tier that includes 2% rewards on Costco purchases and extra benefits on select Costco Travel products.

“We could have told you they wouldn’t check but you still ate with the wig,” the top comment read.

Several commenters shared that they’ve also been caught using someone else’s card and are now contemplating getting their own.

“Bro i literally went to costco a few hrs ago and i was using my dads card [crying emoji] and they told me i can’t use my dads card anymore,” a person said.

Najman said that the last time he did the same thing, the store gave him a “whole letter.” It is unclear what was in the letter. It may have been some kind of warning.

In the comments section, Najman shared that he did get his own card that same day.

The Daily Dot reached out to Étienne and Costco for comment via email.

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*First Published: Jul 12, 2023, 9:11 am CDT