Indian man matches on Bumble with Indian woman.

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‘I was not prepared for this moment in life’: Indian man matches on Bumble with Indian woman. She brings her parents on first date

‘You had a job interview, my friend’


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An Indian man is viral on TikTok after explaining that his Bumble match, an Indian woman, brought her parents on their first date.

Something that TikToker Zakir (@zockr) learned first hand on a first date with an Indian woman he matched with on Bumble. Zakir, who is also Indian, came face to face with motherland conservative values after arriving to his date with the woman only to see that it wasn’t going to be a two person affair: She brought her parents along, too.

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Zakir, who regularly shares his misadventures in dating on TikTok, detailed the awkward situation he endured with the Bumble match that left him “traumatized.” He started with how he came across the woman in the first place and their subsequent interactions afterwards.

Beginning his clip with an exaggerated Indian accent, Zakir says that he found the woman, who he anonymously refers to as Priyanka throughout the clip, attractive, and that the two of them began chatting. He told her that he found her profile funny, stating that she quipped in her bio: “It’s either this or an arranged marriage,” followed by a tongue-hanging-out-of-mouth emoji.

After some more back-and-forth she gave him her phone number and the two of them texted for a couple of days, until Zakir asked Priyanka if the two of them could hop on FaceTime. He says he was ecstatic to discover that she was indeed, real, because he had been previously cat-fished by someone on his last romantic outing.

They agreed to go on a first date at an Indian food restaurant, and, from the way that Zakir spoke about the proceedings that led to their first date, it seemed like he thought things were going swimmingly. They were consistently communicating with one another, he was able to speak with her on FaceTime and verify that she was indeed the person that she said she was, and they both love Indian food and were going to share some during their first time meeting in person. It had all the makings for a great initial interaction.

Zakir says he arrived early to their meeting in order to scope the place out, and was waiting in his car for a bit, killing time on TikTok until she arrived. He received an excited text from her notifying him that she was there and that she wanted to meet him outside of the restaurant. Zakir said that she looked beautiful upon meeting her, only further setting the stage for a great evening. He holds the door open for her and she leads him to their table, informing him that she’s already selected where they were going to sit.

It’s at this point where the date takes a turn for the awkward, “[She] uses her hand and gestures oh this is our table and I see two people that are sitting at our table. I’m like, uhh, who’s sitting at our table and there’s a table of four here? And she’s like oh this is my mom and my dad. And I’m like, hello. How are you doing?” Zakir says, indicating by the tone of his voice that this is not exactly an ideal scenario.

“I was not prepared for this moment in life. There was no way that she had brought her mom and dad with her on a first date I’m like that’s it. This is my arranged marriage. I cannot hide from this moment in time. My love life expired. There’s officially an end date to my dating career what is happening?”

The TikToker then describes what the woman’s parents were like on the date: “So Priyanka’s dad is sitting across from me at the table, Priyanka’s mom is sitting to my right, Priyanka’s sitting diagonally from me, and I could already tell that Priyanka’s dad for some reason or another does not like that I’m here, or even he’s here, and he looks at me and he says, [in a deadpan voice] ‘So I see that you’re interested in my daughter.’”

Over the course of the date, Zakir says he is subjected to an interrogation by Priyanka’s father on his education, vocation, and his family. Zakir said that Priyanka’s father’s interrogation continued over the course of their date: “He said, can you call your parents to come join us. I said what? Bro?” Zakir begins laughing at this point in the video, baffled by the man’s suggestion.

Needless to say, Priyanka and her parents ended the evening early. “Priyanka gets up, her mom gets up, the dad gets up and they all walk, are walking out of the restaurant I was like, what just happened? I thought I was…huh? What? So I haven’t heard from Priyanka, I don’t know what is happening, so I thought I’d tell TikTok and honestly, maybe it’s a sign that things weren’t going to work out, so, onto the next first date.”

The video has amassed more than 10 million views since it was posted on Oct. 31. Commenters who saw Zakir’s post seemed equally horrified by the comedy of errors. “that was a horrible first dying,” one person wrote.

Others remarked that every time they log into TikTok they’re almost always confronted by some terrible dating experience Zakir has had. “You need these girls to fill out a first date form beforehand,” one person penned. Another said, “whenever i open tiktok this guy is always on a first date.”

Someone else wrote that the “first date” was more akin to Zakir applying for a position at a company: “You had a job interview, my friend.”

One user encouraged him to not give up on love, stating that all of these trials and tribulations will ultimately be worth it when he finally goes on his last first date ever. The user wrote, “I can’t believe this keeps happening to you but there will be a day where you will have a last first date & it’ll be worth it.”

Someone else said that it would probably be in Zakir’s best interest at this point, at least financially, to bite the bullet and accept an arranged marriage. “After this many first dates I’d just take the arranged marriage it’s too expensive to date these days,” the user wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Zakir via email for further comment.

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