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‘This is valid’: Viewers defend Buffalo Wild Wings customers for not tipping server. Here’s why

‘I’m tipping based on your energy & my experience.’


Natasha Dubash


Tipping culture is a hot-button issue on social media. Some netizens argue that customers should tip no matter how bad the service is, while others think that a tip should be based on the level of service they receive.

TikTok user Madyson (@maddsepulveda20) recently dined at Buffalo Wild Wings and posted a video that put her in the latter camp—and the majority of her viewers seemed to agree that if a server at a restaurant can’t provide basic service, they shouldn’t expect a tip.

The TikToker explains her feelings in the text overview of her post, which reads, “POV: all these waiters complaining about people not tipping them while we just went and ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and tipped $0 because she couldn’t even bring us another drink like we asked 4 times… but then cry you didn’t get a tip.”

Madyson also says about the server in the caption, “Then you have a attitude because we reminded you again!!”

To tip or not to tip?

Although servers make the majority of their salary from tips, a study from the Pew Research Center says that most Americans feel that tipping is expected in more places today than they were five years ago. This “tipflation” has resulted in a negative outlook towards the practice as the pressure to tip continues to increase.

Madyson’s video, which received 586,000 views as of Monday, reflects how some customers are pushing back against tipping when they don’t receive satisfactory service, and viewers shared their thoughts in the comments. 

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“I’m tipping based on your energy & my experience not because you’re job doesn’t pay you enough,” one person wrote.

“Completely agree! They get tipped based on their service!” said another, adding, “We had an EXCELLENT waiter the other night at a Mexican restaurant & we gave him a $30 tip just because!”

A number of users who work in the service industry also voiced their agreement with Madyson.

“As a server I tip BASED off service. There were times when we’d be so busy and I’d know when I wasn’t gonna get a good tip because I knew I hadn’t paid attention to them enough. It’s all based on you!” one said.

“I only complain when I KNOW for a fact I gave excellent service.. when I know I’m slacking I don’t be mad I’m just like valid,” another wrote. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Madyson via TikTok direct message, and to Buffalo Wild Wings for further comment. 

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