Woman goes to Cabo with friends for friend's birthday, one of them brought no money saga

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‘This is why I don’t do group trips’: Woman says group trip to Cabo turned from bad to worse after one of the girls only went with $135 to her name.

'I didn't want her to feel left out.'


Charlotte Colombo


Posted on Mar 24, 2024

In case you didn’t know, the internet’s main characters at the moment are Kaleah (@lyah.luxury), Kaleah’s best friend (@love.your.life.00), and the “broke” girl, Nutella. The trio went on a group vacation to Cabo for Kaleah’s best friend’s birthday, but now, that trip has become infamous for all the wrong reasons: Becoming the latest nugget of discourse.

In Kaleah’s original TikToks, she says the “broke” friend, whom she named Nutella, arrived in Cabo with just $135 to her name. During a group dinner, for instance, Nutella ended up owing Kaleah $46. It’s also worth bearing in mind that Kaleah and the Nutella were only acquaintances and didn’t know each other that well.

Things, Kaleah added, then went from bad to worse as the birthday girl and Nutella both got extremely drunk on a night out, leaving Kaleah and her boyfriend to take care of the pair. She later alleges that Nutella slept with someone for an extra $100, and things deteriorated between the pair further after Nutella “stole” Kaleah’s iPhone charger and room keycard, leaving Kaleah to pay $60 for a new keycard. According to Kaleah, Nutella also exposed herself to her boyfriend while he was in the bathroom.

The next day, Kaleah said she opted to not go on a party boat after the exhausting night she had, leaving the birthday girl and Nutella to go by themselves with no money and no phone after they fell in the pool the night before.

In a second 10-minute storytime, Kaleah said the animosity between her and Nutella came to a head when Nutella allegedly read Kaleah’s messages on the birthday girl’s phone and decided to confront Kaleah about it.

@lyah.luxury How you go out the country with no bread #fyp #viral #cabo #greenscreen #girlstrip ♬ original sound – Kaleah Denise 🇧🇿✨

Throughout the trip, Kaleah says the birthday girl kept paying for Nutella’s excursions and as a result of Nutella’s “pick me” attitude, she avoided the pair during their stay.

Across TikTok, users are divided over whose side they’re on. While many are critical of the “broke” girl’s behavior, others question whether Kaleah was too hard on her, and consider her to be in the wrong on account of her attitude. Others still suggested that the trip should have never happened due to Kaleah not really knowing the “broke” girl that well.

@lyah.luxury Yeah that gurl fried me and if you see this go get your money up #fyp #viral #cabo #girlstrip #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – Kaleah Denise 🇧🇿✨

But things only got thornier as the alleged birthday girl shared her own perspective of what happened in TikTok. While her version of events is pretty faithful to what has been summarised so far, she lamented numerous times that she felt “stuck in the middle” due to tensions between Kaleah and the Nutella.

“I was so drained,” she said in a since-deleted video, before adding that she felt pressured to foot the “broke” girl’s bill because she “didn’t want her to feel left out.”

But as the debate over whose the worst rumbles on, there’s a further twist to this tale. While writing this article, the birthday girl’s TikTok telling her side of things also vanished, as speculation began to spread on social media that the whole thing was faked for clout. As everything becomes more uncertain, one thing is clear: Don’t vacation with people you don’t know.

The Daily Dot was reached out to the TikTokers via email for comment.

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*First Published: Mar 24, 2024, 4:00 pm CDT