Bride gives birth the day before her wedding.

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‘We had no idea that she was pregnant’: Bride gives birth the day before her wedding. Can her planner make it work?

'She got up to go to the bathroom and a baby came out instead.'


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Posted on Nov 30, 2023   Updated on Nov 30, 2023, 3:30 pm CST

Ever seen that TV show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant? Well, one bride-to-be experienced the IRL version of this, according to a former wedding planner on TikTok. With more than a billion users worldwide, TikTok plays host to plenty of weird and wonderful anecdotes, and one trend that acts as a segue for people to tell them is a video they can stitch where someone says, “Call me crazy if you want, but I’ve never liked store-bought pesto.” 

“Wow, Susi, that is so crazy!” Amy Elizabeth Rocha (@amyelizabethartistry) said in her TikTok stitch. “Kind of reminds me of this time back when I used to be a wedding planner.”

Rocha then explained to 8.6 million viewers that she had worked with one couple for a “little over a year” and, before they knew it, the week before their wedding came.

“Everything’s great. Everything’s going according to plan. All of the little details have been settled. We do our final venue walk-through two days before the wedding. I’m thinking, ‘This is going to be perfect,'” Rocha said. The next morning, the day before the wedding, the groom called Rocha on the phone and broke the news. Taken aback, she congratulated the couple, but the groom replied, “Amy, we had no idea that she was pregnant.”

“Like, is this TLC?” Rocha continued. “Are we talking about [giving birth] in a McDonald’s bathroom? Because I didn’t know this was real life. I started going into planner mode because I’m a professional. So I’m thinking, ‘How do I cancel this wedding in 24 hours?’ I’ve got all the list of things going in my head of what I need to do.” 

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However, Rocha was taken aback when the groom informed her that he and his fiancee still wanted to do the wedding. Not only that, but the bride wanted to “do the whole thing” with as little change to the venue and ceremony as possible. 

Nonetheless, “we decided to make some accommodations for her,” Rocha revealed. These included “comfy chairs” for the ceremony space so the bride could sit when needed, decorating a wheelchair with flowers so the new mother could look a little more “bridal,” and shortening the first dance song so the new mother wouldn’t overexert herself. But when she met with Rocha the morning of the wedding, the bride told her planner to “unmake” the accommodations so things could go as originally planned.

In the end, despite Rocha’s concerns, the bride was not only “glowing” and “doing great,” but the wedding day went off “without a hitch.”

“To this day, it is the most on-time and seamless wedding day that I have ever been a part of,” Rocha stated. “Because nobody cared. They just had a baby. They’re in shock. Wedding stress? Who cares? They announced during the ceremony that they gave birth to a healthy baby boy, everybody audibly gasped … And then this woman just danced the night away.”

Sometime after the ceremony, Rocha had one last visit with the couple, wherein the new mother revealed that she didn’t expect to get pregnant because she had an IUD. Not only that, but she had no pregnancy symptoms and only put on eight pounds, which she attributed to wedding stress. As Rocha put it, “She got up to go to the bathroom, and a baby came out instead.”

Rocha didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via contact form.

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*First Published: Nov 30, 2023, 8:30 pm CST