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‘The way he was smirking’: Boyfriend lets girlfriend sleep outside his dorm in 45-degree weather. Was he wrong?

‘If he wanted to he would’


Grace Fowler


Posted on Nov 15, 2023

After a viral video of a boyfriend who let his girlfriend sleep outside in her car went viral, viewers chimed in giving their take on the situation. Most think she should leave her boyfriend, others say she’s a supportive partner. 

Abi (@abiakharoh) posted a TikTok video explaining her opinion and has received over 1.9 million views and 283,000 likes by Wednesday morning. She captioned her video, “Stay safe ladies.”

At the start of Abi’s video, she plays a clip from the original video posted by the girlfriend, Tahlia. Tahlia has since deleted her videos. 

In the clip, Tahlia explains that she didn’t care that her boyfriend had her sleep outside in her car. She says, “I didn’t even like ask him, because he has a game,” referring to her boyfriend, “I don’t really care, and I didn’t know I was going to be cold.” Tahlia says her boyfriend had a football game the next day and didn’t want to wake him up. 

Next, Tahlia’s boyfriend chimes in and says, “See, and just for her doing that, that just shows you how much I appreciate her and how much she appreciates me.” He adds that since he had a big game the next morning Tahlia wanted him to get good sleep, by himself. 

After the screen-recorded clip of Tahlia and her boyfriend ends, Abi starts by saying, “Bro, these are the literal type of dudes I’ve been trying to tell y’all to stay away from.”

Abi shares the backstory to Tahlia’s video if viewers haven’t seen it. She says that in the original video, Tahlia drove 5 hours to go and see her boyfriend. “The whole controversy of the video came from the fact that in the middle of the night one of the RA’s came and was like, she can’t be in there because visitation hours are up,” Abi explains. 

“Apparently he had like a big football game the next day,” she adds, “So my good sis, did some ride or die sh*t, and went to go sleep in her car in 45-degree weather.” 

Then Abi says Tahlia explained the situation as “uncomfortable,” and was shivering and couldn’t sleep. “The worst part is he physically walked her to the car, left her there, and then went back to his dorm,” Abi adds.

She says viewers on Tahlia’s original video were saying that the boyfriend should have slept in the car with her. “So this was the apology video,” Abi adds, referring to the first clip.

Abi says she respects that the boyfriend “acknowledged what he did wrong,” but she thinks the video was “very side-eye ish.” She feels like the boyfriend made the video more-so to clear his name, rather than being genuinely apologetic. 

“But yeah, what do y’all think?” Abi asks before ending her video.

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A comment with over 40,000 likes admits, “I would have suddenly gotten the energy to go home.” 

Another says, “We woulda either got a hotel or been in in that car together.” This comment received over 47,000 likes. 

“SISTER STAND UP!!!!” one says. “If he wanted to, he would,” another adds.

In another reaction video, Shaquill (@goofyassguidelines) explains the backstory of Tahlia’s video again. His TikTok reached over 497,000 views and 69,000 likes by Wednesday morning. 

In Shaquill’s video, he also thinks it’s “too late,” for an apology video. “She already turned off all her comments,” he adds, “but listen, you can’t do your girl like that.”

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Shaquill says the boyfriend had 3 options. “A, try to sneak her back in the dorm or B, get a hotel, if you’re a broke college kid, try to do something, and C, if you got some family in the area or at the very least,” he adds, “you gotta sleep in the car with her.”

He laughs, and says, “You cannot walk out of the dorm and say, damn, it’s cold as f*ck out here, alright see you later, goodnight,” then let her sleep in the car. “That’s crazy,” he adds.

Next he tells the boyfriend that he is “catching so much heat because that’s f*cked up,”

“If you would have at least slept in the car with her,” Shaquill says, “you wouldn’t have been looked at.” 

Shaquill brings up a different perspective on the situation and says, “I guess these are the pains, trials, and tribulations you gotta go through when you’re dating a football player and you think they’re gonna make it to the NFL.” 

He thinks this is could be why Tahlia was unfazed by the situation. “I don’t know if that’s her actual mindset but I’m just saying this is f*cking crazy, you at least gotta sleep in the car with shorty,” Shaquill says before ending his video. 

In Shaquill’s comment section, most viewers highlight the fact Tahlia’s boyfriend walked her out to her car. The top comment on his video with over 13,000 likes says, “bro said it’s cold asf out here, you be safe tho.”

“How to be single 101,” another comment admits.

Tahlia (@tahliaablairrr) posted a response video, but has turned off access to the comment section. She says she is thankful for viewers’ concern, but explained her boyfriend could not sleep in the car with her, because he had a curfew in his dorm due to being a student-athlete. She also emphasizes that “it’s normal as an adult to sleep in your car sometimes.” 


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The Daily Dot reached out to Tahlia, Abi, and Shaquill via direct message. 

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*First Published: Nov 15, 2023, 4:30 pm CST