Bentley driver shocked by this feature in new car

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‘How does it know?!’: Bentley driver shocked by this feature in new car. Other cars do it too

‘Bentley what is this?!’


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Can your car predict the future? If you own a Bentley, it can. This TikTok creator was surprised to learn that her Bentley can predict when the traffic light will turn green. 

Burgundy (@chipgirlhere) posted a video on TikTok in her Bentley while she sits at a light with the caption: “When you find out your new car can tell you when the light will change… ”. Showing the digital dashboard, Burgundy zooms in to show a red traffic light icon counting down from 21 seconds. In the final seconds of the countdown, she points the camera at the traffic light as it changes from red to green. The video concludes with someone shouting “what” from behind the camera, presumably Burgundy reacting to the timely light change anticipated by the dashboard icon.

It didn’t take long for it to go viral on TikTok. In only two days, the video has amassed over 8 million views.

Can Bentleys really do that?

While most viewers may have been as excited as Burgundy about this new feature, the commenters with the most likes had a different reaction.

“Fancy pants rich [McGee] over here [red heart emoji],” one comment read. 

“I can do this too by looking at the opposite [traffic] light,” another commenter joked.

“My car tells me when [I] need gas [smiling face with hearts emoji],” a user wrote.

“My 2019 Audi does this too [double pink heart emoji], another said.

In fact, Bentleys aren’t the only vehicles with this feature. In 2016, Audi collaborated with Traffic Technology Services to become the first car manufacturer to fully integrate Traffic Light Information and provide a countdown of how long a traffic light will remain red before turning green (Time to Green—TTG).

Another viral hit

This isn’t Burgundy’s first viral TikTok. Also known as The CHIP Girl, Burgundy first captured the internet’s attention in 2022 when a TikTok revealed her husband implanted an RFID chip in her hand that served as a key to their lavish home. Since then, her TikTok has grown to a whopping 4.9 million followers.


Bentley what is this?!

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Burgundy did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via email. We reached out to Bentley Motors as well. 

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