Bartender says her customer tried to pay for a $7 Corona with coke


‘I’m thinking I’m gonna get $7 or a card’: Bartender says her customer tried to pay for a Corona with coke. Viewers can relate

‘its actually a very generous tip for them.’


Nina Hernandez


There are times when bartering with goods is still acceptable. When you’re at a swap meet or a flea market, for instance. But there are other times when really only cold, hard cash will do the trick. And one of those times is at the bar when you’re ordering a beverage.

Apparently not everybody is up on this trend. TikTok user lilmarsizzle recently stitched a video from user Jay, a bartender who recounts a recent customer who was reluctant to pay for their drink. In the original video, Jay says, “That’s me, the asshole bartender, ’cause I want you to pay for your shit.”

“Hey, fellow asshole bartender because I wanted someone to pay for their shit,” lilmarsizzle says in the stitch.

Lilmarsizzle explains that she was approached by a customer who ordered a Corona beer. After cracking open the bottle, she informed him it would cost $7. That’s when the interaction went off the rails.

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“Guy goes into his wallet, reaches in, I’m thinking I’m gonna get $7 or a card or just any kind of money,” lilmarsizzle recalls. “Nope. The guy hands me a fun cute little baggie of cocaine.”

According to lilmarsizzle, she and the patron stared each other down. “He then realizes, oh, this is not an acceptable form of currency, my bad, then goes to reach for actual money and pays the $7 for a Corona.”

Lilmarsizzle also notes that she received a $0 tip for the transaction.

The video has received more than 300,000 views since it was posted on July 25. Many viewers could relate to the experience and even more had an idea of what they would have done in the situation.

Like one user who admitted, “I would’ve pocketed it and said – yeah that’ll be $7.”

“I’d take that deal,” agreed Rex.

“I been tipped with coke in between 2 1s. its actually a very generous tip for them,” wrote another user.

“When I worked at Home Depot someone was short for some stuff and wanted to give me some coke,” wrote user Vic.

“At a bar? Flip that you wouldve made bank,” advised Josh.

Other users couldn’t get past the sticker shock of the $7 Corona.

“$7 for a beer is crazy though,” one user wrote.

“How are bars charging 7$ for a beer when I can buy a 6 pack for like 11$?” wrote another.

Bartender stories are a TikTok favorite. Bartenders have gone viral on the platform for ridiculing orders, recounting rude behavior, and sharing secrets for discreetly cutting off patrons who’ve overindulged.

The Daily Dot reached out to lilmarsizzle via TikTok for comment.

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