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‘Nothing is free in life’: Bartender shares how he gets revenge on customers who tip bad

‘Why I don’t drink at bars.’


Jack Alban


The majority of servers in the United States only earn a base hourly wage of $2.13 per hour, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, as it’s expected that they will earn tips that will bring them to an average salary that is usually higher than minimum wage.

But tips aren’t guaranteed. And in a recent TikTok, user @swagg0d claimed to get revenge on customers who don’t tip by shortchanging their drinks. As of Wednesday morning, his video had over 131,400 views. 

@swagg0dd then I take the rest of the pour and take a shot of it myself #fyp #bartok #bartendertok #bartenderproblems #bartendersoftiktok #serviceindustry #bartendermemes #bartender ♬ lowER – Destinyrenee

In the clip, @swagg0d recorded himself lip-syncing a sound bite of someone saying, “When they go low, I go lower.” He then filled a glass with soda water—and a dash of alcohol—before pushing it to a customer.

His revenge didn’t stop there, however. “Then I take the rest of the pour and take a shot of it myself,” @swagg0d wrote in the caption. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to @swagg0d via TikTok comment. As of publication, it was unclear whether he was joking and/or what bar he’s employed at. 

Still, leaving behind a paltry tip—though it may be unkind to your server—is nothing new. Several people have expressed a sentiment that there are “levels” to tipping. For instance, some believe that servers who work at buffet-style restaurants shouldn’t get 20% tips. In a recent Reddit thread, posted to the site’s r/unpopularopinion sub, another user boldly proclaimed that bartenders don’t deserve 20% tips, either. 

Yet @swagg0d apparently isn’t the only bartender who admitted to shortchanging cheap customers. One viewer shared their own way of enacting revenge. “Put it in their straw,” they commented. 

“Fr. Your Bombay gin martini is gonna be olive juice and a quarter of an ounce of vermouth,” a second commenter wrote.

“Oh trust, I have had a couple come in 3x this week on their honeymoon and each time stiffed, so I did the same thing,” another bartender said.

To be sure, not everyone condoned this type of behavior. Some viewers said that this is the type of stuff that makes them think twice about frequenting bars.

“Why I don’t drink at bars,” wrote one commenter. “I’m nice and they still do this.”

“Reason number 2 why I won’t accept a drink unless I saw it made,” another said.

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