Driver said Audi’s ‘pre-sense’ feature made car stop in the middle of the highway

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‘Apparently, this has happened to many other people’: Driver said Audi’s ‘pre-sense’ feature made car stop in the middle of the highway

'Omg my Audi does the same thing its the scariest thing ever.'


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Posted on Dec 16, 2023   Updated on Dec 16, 2023, 3:22 pm CST

For many automatic drivers, the ‘pre-sense’ feature is vital for both their safety and the safety of everyone else riding in the vehicle. It’s meant to sense any potential obstructions and avoid accidents as they happen, but what do you do when these features fail you? For TikToker Monika, this nightmare became a reality, with dashcam footage appearing to show her car suddenly stopping on the highway as three fast cars approached her.

“Audi explain this?” she asked via on-screen text. “Our car stopped in the middle of the highway because of your pre-sense feature. Apparently, this has happened to many other people and you almost killed me and my whole family.”

But despite these strong sentiments to Audi, commenters were divided over whether Monika was actually in the wrong or not.

“It seemed like you were about to change lanes with 3 approaching cars at high speeds and the car saved you,” one commenter wrote.

“Bro, your pre sense failed and your first instinct was to switch to the fast lane,” another echoed.

@mnka627 @AudiUSA @audicanada you almost killed me, my husband, my 4 month old and my dog. Your pre-sense failed and after digging deeper it has happened to many others. Explain.#audi #Q5 #audiQ5 #presense #carcrash #accident #highway ♬ original sound – mnka

Meanwhile, a third commenter agreed that in their experience, the Audi pre-sense feature is “terrible,” and theirs would always glitch out in the middle of an intersection.

“Man, the amount of times pre sense has almost killed me all over a stupid cyclist coming too close to my car,” a fourth added.

But was it actually the TikToker who was in the wrong? In a second video, the creator defended themselves in response to some of the comments, pointing out that “we didn’t change a lane, we swerved left because the car behind us was about to hit then they swerved right. If we swerved right or stayed in the lane we would have been hit.”

@mnka627 Replying to @Angel Uceta #audi #presense #phantombreaking #audiQ5 #carbreaking ♬ original sound – mnka

“We did not know of this issue beforehand and only learnt of this after posting on Reddit,” they said. “The comments here clearly confirm this is a problem.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Monika via TikTok comment and Audi via email.

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*First Published: Dec 16, 2023, 4:00 pm CST