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‘Did u think they was gonna be back there squeezing limes for a $1 drink’: Applebee’s customer says her server told her the margarita mix is same as one from Walmart

'Is that why I damn near almost had a heart attack after 2?'


Beau Paul


Posted on Oct 11, 2023

Get ready for another illusion to be shattered. If this TikToker is telling the truth, it looks like the $1 dollar margaritas at Applebee’s do not contain fresh lime juice. Apparently, the restaurant chain uses a pre-made mix for the popular cocktail.

Try to contain your disbelief.

Apparently, it didn’t come as a surprise to TikTok creator Amani Sephora (@sephorathexplora) when the truth was allegedly revealed to her by her server. Amani recorded her reaction in a video she posted on Tuesday, and it now has 33,000 views.

“Not surprised when my waitress told me the Dollar margaritas is margarita mix that you can buy at Walmart,” the on-screen text of the video reads, as Amani stares glumly into the camera. She then shows her half-finished beverage next to a plastic cup of ranch dressing and an Applebee’s receipt.

@sephorathexplora For a dollar do not expect to get drunk lmaoooo #applebees #margaritas #dollarita ♬ original sound – JHENÉ AIKO FAN PAGE

In one incredulous response, TikToker @ms4thestreets wrote, “Did u think they was gonna be back there squeezing limes for a $1 drink.”

Another viewer worried about the ingredients of the mix, writing, “Is that why I damn near almost had a heart attack after 2? Pure sugar? I’m mad.”

Amani responded in kind, writing, “Girl yes, it’s pure sugar.”

Walmart doesn’t have a house brand margarita mix, but many of the mixes it sells do have a high sugar content. Jose Cuervo has 16.7 grams of sugar in one bottle, while the popular Zing Zang mix contains 21 grams.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Applebee’s via email for a statement.

“It’s Applebee’s what do you expect,” one commenter wrote, showing a low expectation for the national chain.

However, one employee spoke up in the comments to claim the waitress’ statement was misleading.

“I’m a bartender at Applebee’s that’s [cap],” TikToker @sarahdipity777 wrote.

Amani responded that her server “said it’s just the margarita mix with the slightest bit of alcohol in it.”

Another bartender from a rival chain added their two cents as well, writing, “I was a bartender at a chilis. The things I’ve seen.”

And TikToker @alycat9141 set the proper expectation for a $1 drink special with her comment, writing, “You get what you pay for.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Amani via TikTok for further comment.

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*First Published: Oct 11, 2023, 3:09 pm CDT