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‘It’s let go season’: Worker gets fired on her day off, finds out after getting locked out of work app

‘Why the f*ck did these b*tches just fire me on my day off?’


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Layoffs can be entirely unexpected — one minute you have work and the next you don’t. An Amazon worker put a spotlight on how the company terminates employees when she found out that she had been fired from her job on her day off.

TikToker PrincezzLiyahh (@princezz.liyahh) films herself as she speaks candidly into the camera. She asks, “Why the f*ck did these b*tches just fire me on my day off?”

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As she explains it, the Amazon worker was waiting for her pay to arrive. “I’m like where my direct deposit at?” But she says that when she logged into her app to find out what was going on with her money, she found that her account had been temporarily disabled.

“I call ERC. They said you have been terminated. The f*ck you mean I’ve been terminated?” the Amazon worker said, confused about how she could have been fired on her day off.

She continues to explain, “So, apparently, while I was gone on my approved temporary scheduled accommodation nobody went in and fixed my hours so the whole time I was gone that sh*t was just stacking up.”

“I had negative 600 something hours from them not putting in my time for my approved schedule adjustment.” PrincezzLiyahh said she was aware of this issue and tried to get HR to fix it, but was being given the runaround between various departments.

“Now I’m f*cking fired.”

Amazon Warehouses are known to have a number of strictly enforced rules and policies that can result in a worker being fired. For example, employees can be let go for driving too fast in the company parking lot, or walking on the robotics floor without authorization.

PrincezzLiyahh’s video has been viewed over 120,000 times as of this writing and many users were quick to jump to her defense, while others shared stories of their own termination.

“Oh hell naw! That’s they fault!” said one person.

“I got fired a while back for them giving me VTO. Points kept adding up in the system and they was suppose to take them off,” another user shared.

“They did me the same way she called me & said they won’t need me back but thank God I was already starting a new job & planned on quitting!” read yet another comment.

A number of people had advice for the recently fired Amazon worker.

“Document it and go for unemployment,” one person suggested, adding, “You didn’t quit they fired you simple as that.”

Another person who went through a similar situation urged the TikToker to argue her case. They wrote, “I got fired on my day off for an approved day off 2 weeks prior. had to do a few hearings for unemployment but I won a settlement fight them.”

“Wrongful termination,” one user wrote, seeming to suggest that she should sue the company for being let go even though she never breached the company’s policies.

However, not everyone was sympathetic towards the fired Amazon worker’s plight.

One person seemed to think the TikToker should have seen this coming.

“Bestie it’s let go season you HAVE TO expect it .. they’re in a crisis it’s been on the news they’re struggling,” the person wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Princezzliyahh via TikTok comments and Amazon via email.

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