Customer says Amazon driver faked photos of her delivered packages

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‘He’s covering his tracks’: Customer says Amazon driver faked photos of her delivered packages

‘He was doing fine until you exposed him.’


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An Amazon customer couldn’t stop laughing after clocking how a delivery driver attempted to “cover his tracks” after dropping off her packages.

Mandy Parker (@pandymarker) posted a viral TikTok containing a photo of the Amazon employee’s handiwork. She didn’t have anything bad to say about the driver’s work, remarking that she received all of her packages, but that the driver must’ve forgotten to take a picture of the ones he left at her place.

“So you know how Amazon takes a picture of your package when they deliver it?” she says. “Well I got three packages in the mail from Amazon today…I was going through my emails and found the picture the driver sent affiliated with all three of these different orders. And I cannot stop laughing.”

She shows the packages she received to the camera. However, she then shared the photo the driver uploaded.

It was a snapshot of a parcel left in the middle of the road between dividing lines. Parker transitions her video to show off the picture before it cuts back to her laughing into the camera.

“So I’m guessing that he forgot to take a picture at my house of the packages and somewhere along his route, decided he needed to cover his tracks,” she laughs. “The thing is, I’m not sure this was the smartest way of going about that.”

@pandymarker Wasn’t expecting that. #amazon #delivery #mademyday ♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

“He just thought I’ll grab a package and drop it in the middle of the road. I don’t think, he’s covering his tracks for his boss for real…if he delivered it there,” she guffaws.

“Please tell me I’m not the only one that cracks up at this,” she says at the end.

Viewers weigh in

As it turns out, a number of others who received packages from parcel services have encountered similar phenomena.

One TikToker wrote, “FedEx left one of my packages in the middle of the yard with the notation ‘left with manager’ it was my turkey in the picture.”

Someone else commented, “I had a Walmart delivery once, was outside when he delivered and was handed to me. The pic was of me walking away with the package.”

Other instances seemed heartwarming, like one woman who wrote how young members of her family accepted a package: “My daughter and nephew were playing outside when a package was delivered. It said ‘signed for by kids.’”

One delivery worker shared how a customer’s animal friend was intrigued by an order she left at their house: “I do Instacart and I sent a lady. A photo of her delivery with one of her chickens looking into her grocery bags.”

But there was another user who thought that it was pretty messed up of Parker to out the driver like that: “He was doing fine until you exposed him.”

Someone else offered up a practical explanation as to why the driver decided to snap such a bizarre photo.

“Amazon driver here, it makes be in a certain area to deliver your packages, if we forget to take the pic, it wont let us cont to deliver until we finish the current delivery ie. pic,hes saving time,” they wrote.

The online retail giant has a specific title and dedicated web page for its picture-taking policy: its Photo on Delivery program. The company states that it’ll take photographs to “verify delivery location, audit for quality purposes, [and] troubleshoot what happened to a package.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Amazon via email and Parker via TikTok comment.

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