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‘Why I’m scared to get in an Uber’: Uber passengers say they almost got trafficked, cops told them to call an Uber home (updated)

‘This happen to me with LYFT!!! OMG’


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One woman said she and her friend were almost trafficked while riding in an Uber, and they were blamed and shamed for the whole ordeal.

In a viral video with over 398,000 views, TikTok user Taylor Dickey (@tdick3y) cried while explaining what went down.

@tdick3y #traffickingawarenes#utah#uber#nightmareuber ♬ original sound – Taylor Dickey

“TW: We almost got trafficked by our Uber driver and the cops said it was our fault and made us get a Uber home from where we escaped,” an on-screen caption read.

From the clip, it is clear the women were shaken by the incident.

“She woke me up in the car like, ‘where the f*ck are we?’ so I called the cops,” Dickey said through tears.

In the comments section, many offered kind words and advice.

“How is that your fault though?” one viewer asked. “I’m so sorry.”

“That’s so scary!” a second said. “Hoping you guys are okay.”

“Contact Uber!” another user advised. “And start an investigation!”

The TikToker shared proof of the incident in a follow-up video. She posted a screenshot of a four-minute call she made to 911, a message from Uber that indicated her ride ended away from her destination, and photos of when the cops arrived.

That didn’t stop users from disbelieving Dickey’s story. One user wrote: “You admitted he did nothing to you.” Which prompted the TikToker to make another video offering more details about her harrowing experience.

“Going and saying that we are liars is a f*cking joke,” she said in the clip. “Why would I go lie about something so serious? Why would I call the cops in a f*cking Uber and say I’m being trafficked?”

She then explained why she believed she was almost kidnapped: The driver would not pull over when asked, drove for miles in the wrong direction, and even spoke to another man on the phone who asked for personal details about the women.

“The Uber app got turned off,” she explained. “And he was on the phone with another man speaking in another language asking for our eye color, asking for our ethnicity.”

Dickey concluded the story by saying she knows it is true and doesn’t need to convince anyone. The Daily Dot contacted Dickey via Instagram direct message and emailed Uber for more information.

Update 7:43am CT Sept. 20: “We’re very alarmed by what has been described,” an Uber spokesperson told the Daily Dot via email. “We take reports like this extremely seriously, and are looking into this.”

The company also explained that it has added various features to its app in the past few years to help keep customers safe. More information can be found on its website.

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