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‘Go get yourself a Drip Drop’: Alexa customer uses Send Me a Sample to get free stuff sent to her in PSA. Here’s what you can get

‘I rushed to do this faster than this video finished…super stoked.’


Nina Hernandez


An Alexa customer uses Send Me a Sample to get free stuff sent to her in this viral PSA. Here’s what she says you can get.

TikTok user @caseyyisfetchh posted a video in which she shows an interaction between her and Amazon Echo.

“Alexa, send me a sample,” Casey says in the video. Alexa replies, “Sure, what sample would you like?” Casey responds, “Drip Drops.” Alexa tells Casey that samples of DripDrop, an electrolyte powder, are in stock, and asks if Casey would like one. 

“That’s right: If you have an Alexa at all you can be getting freebies,” says Casey. “How do we do it?”

@caseyyisfetchh alexa, send me a sample #alexa #amazon #freesamples ♬ original sound – caseyyisfetchh

Casey explains that Alexa users should go to the “skills & games” section of your app. Search for the “Send Me a Sample” service and hit launch. You’ll need to create an account.

“Link her up,” Casey says. “And, yeah, freebies roll out all the time.”

The video has amassed more than 64,000 views since it was posted this week. Viewers chimed in to thank Casey for her tip, as well as to let her know that she inadvertently set off their Alexa devices.

“I will be getting a sample of Drip Drop,” wrote one user, accompanied by a grinning emoji.

“Love you man. I’d never know about these things,” wrote user Tracie.

“Holy crap, I rushed to do this faster than this video finished…super stoked,” wrote Pallas Cat.

One user noted, “You can ask for a list of samples too.”


“Girl you just ordered me one too,” laughed Shadowgem135.

Another user asked for a disclaimer: “warning first please..”

User trashdumpster04 asked if customers can receive samples without an Alexa. According to the Send Me a Sample website, the service is currently available to order through via Alexa and Google Assistant directories. Some samples are only available in certain jurisdictions and others, such as alcohol samples, are only available to individuals of legal drinking age.

Nothing gets people—on the internet or off—going like free samples. Earlier this year, a Sam’s Club customer went viral after sharing a sample machine called the “Freeosk.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Casey via TikTok DM for comment.

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