Two strangers on an airplane prank other passengers


‘Girl, y’all are literally in love’: 2 strangers on an airplane prank passengers. Viewers think it’s love at first sight

‘And this is how I met your mother’


Grace Fowler


Posted on Jul 22, 2023

Two strangers went viral on TikTok after meeting on a plane and pranking the other passengers. Now viewers think the two should start dating.

Sami (@stupididiotgirl3) has reached over 2.3 million views on her TikTok by Friday afternoon. Will (@thewilwhite) commented on her video saying, “Oh hey, that’s me!”


He also let me play mario kart with him on his switch

♬ original sound – Sami

In her video, Sami convinces Will to start loudly clapping along with her five minutes after their plane has landed. The humorous video is stemmed from many memes people have posted about the type of people that clap when a plane lands.

Airplane strangers fall in love

Sam’s video was captioned, “Convincing the guy I sat next to on the plane to clap five minutes after landing.”

“It’s funny, c’mon you ready?” Sami asks Will in the video. Before the two start clapping and uncontrollably laughing, Will lets out an embarrassed, “No no no, stop.” 

One comment says “the “no no no” has me rolling.” Sami responds, “The minute I started recording he had no choice.” 

Sami also says in the caption of her video, “He let me play Mario Kart with him on the switch.” 

Viewers’ comments are hopeful that the two had a chance to hangout after the flight. Sami says, “He invited me to a BBQ that he was going to straight from the airport, but I told him I was vegetarian.” 

Nevertheless, viewers still believe the two are in love.

One comment says, “Marry him.” 

Another one says, “and this is how I met your mother.”

Another says, “So you’re soulmates.” 

Sami responds to Will in the comment section of her video with, “Ladies here’s your chance! Get him!” Shocked viewers responded, “No girl, YOU get him.”

Sami did not respond to a request for comment from the Daily Dot via direct message.

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*First Published: Jul 22, 2023, 11:38 am CDT