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‘She wasn’t trippin. She was doing her job’: Viewers defend airline worker who charged passenger $200 because bag was 6 pounds overweight

'She’s really good at her job honestly.'


Phil West


Posted on Jul 14, 2023

Six pounds made all the difference for an airline passenger who got charged a $200 bag fee by Delta Airlines because his luggage was overweight.

In a video from the TikTok account for Nectar Seltzer (@nectarseltzer)— a company account described as hard seltzer with “Asian flavors”— a leader at the company is trying to get new flavors to ride on the plane with him in a suitcase, on a Los Angeles-to-Houston flight.

There’s one problem, though: The bag is at the heaviest tier in the Delta Airlines baggage policy, according to the baggage worker at the airport.

She points out to him, “You pay $30 up to 50 pounds, 50 to 70 pounds, $100. This is 76; $200.”

The creator is initially amenable to paying the extra bag fee, but then the worker spots a second problem.

“It’s cracked,” she notes.

@nectarseltzer Replying to @WarrenVlogs! Got finessed 😭 Houston, come find me to try these expensive flavors #nectarvlogs #houston ♬ original sound – Nectar Seltzer

He tries to explain that it’s just full of boxes, but she has him sign a form and then wrap his cracked suitcase with Delta-branded tape to make sure it stays intact for the flight. The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

After documenting the encounter, the TikToker says as part of the same TikTok video, “That was a hilarious experience. The lady was just tripping about the weight of my bag. I had to pay basically triple the cost to get it to Houston, but I couldn’t leave any of the flavors in LA.”

A later video showed the trip to Houston was a success, but it was the encounter with the Delta worker that really captured people’s attention.

“Auntie ain’t playing you with today,” one person remarks.

The creator responds, “She would’ve taken the shirt off my back if she could.”

But other commenters sided with the worker.

“She’s really good at her job honestly,” one assessed.

Another commenter laughs, “She’s scolding you like you’re her least favorite child.”

According to Delta’s website, a first checked bag under 50 pounds is $30, and the second bag at the same weight class is $40. But that’s definitely better than $200, which checks out per what the site specifies for overweight baggage.

A Delta spokesperson, after reviewing the TikTok video, said, “We always appreciate the love and support of our people being shared far and wide.”

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*First Published: Jul 14, 2023, 12:05 am CDT