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‘I choose a random photo’: Single woman tries to find cute barista by searching coffeeshop’s Instagram. Then, she AirDrops him

‘The girls are girl-ing.’


Grace Fowler


Posted on Oct 4, 2023   Updated on Oct 4, 2023, 5:44 pm CDT

A girl on TikTok went viral for helping her single friend get a barista’s number at a coffee shop using an unconventional method—after unsuccessfully trying to find him on Instagram, she used AirDrop to get his attention.

By Wednesday afternoon, the video from user Angie (@angiepantuosco) had reached over 488,000 viewers, who praised Angie for being a dedicated wing-woman. 

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Angie starts her video by saying, “I did something insane today.” 

She explains how she and her two friends, Rose and Katie, were at a coffee shop earlier that day when a guy walked in who looked “just like Rose’s type.”

After Rose admitted that the man was attractive, Angie says she started to think of ways to get his attention. “We’re on a mission, the girls are girl-ing,” she says. 

As the three struggled to find a way to figure out the mystery man’s name, they saw his bag that had his initials on it. “The first letter of his first name is an E,” the TikToker says.

Angie says she went to the coffee shop’s Instagram followers to see if she could find him. “I type in random boy names like Ethan, Evan,” she says, “and I’m coming up with absolutely nothing.”

Angie says she then saw the guy pull out his phone, at which point she decided to check AirDrop. “I look to see if there are any E names,” she says, referring to the AirDrop screen on her phone, “and there is! It’s Elijah.”

She says she then went back to the coffee shop’s Instagram followers to look up Elijah, but still couldn’t find any accounts with that name. “I can’t stop here while I’m ahead,” Angie says. She and Katie decided they needed to AirDrop her friend’s contact to him right then and there. 

“Stroke of genius,” Angie says. 

The video cuts to a recording of Angie airdropping her friend’s contact card to Elijah at the coffee shop. “I see him looking at his phone, he’s all confused.” She explains to the viewers that it was probably obvious they were the girls who sent over the contact, and that five minutes later, Elijah walked up to them and said he was going to text Rose.

The video ends with a screenshot of Elijah’s text to Rose.

One viewer responds saying, “My bf of 3 years airdropped me his number while I was on a date with someone else haha.”

Another applauded Angie for being such a loyal friend. “You real for changing her contact pic to a cute one before sending,” it says.

“This is wildly impressive, a little scary and absolutely hilarious,” a third user wrote about Angie’s AirDrop scheme. “That’s how I hope people describe me on the daily,” Angie responded.

The Daily Dot reached out to Angie via TikTok direct message for further updates.

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*First Published: Oct 4, 2023, 5:43 pm CDT