24 Hour Aged Whisky


‘At that point why even bother?’: Bourbon expert exposes how long Tim Smith Southern Reserve Whiskey is really aged for

‘Get the double oak at 48 hours!’


Vladimir Supica


A bourbon fan on TikTok is viral after making fun of a whiskey brand that claims to be “aged in oak for 24 hours,” which he characterized as “the dumbest thing he’s ever found in whiskey.”

TikToker Brad (@bradsbourbonreviews), who primarily reviews bourbons on the video-sharing platform, posted the video on Sept. 5. In it, he stumbled upon a bottle of Tim Smith Southern Reserve Whiskey at a store.

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Commenting on the drink, he said: “It’s a very deep rich color, 90 proof, not too bad. Wonder how long it’s aged?” The TikToker then turns the bottle to check the label, before reading out loud, “Aged in oak for 24 hours.”

The short video cuts to Brad filming himself as he concludes, “I mean at that point, why even bother? Just add the coloring and flavoring.”

According to one article, “The ageing process in whisky occurs while the spirit is maturing in the oak casks. Scotch whisky must mature for a minimum of three years in oak to be legally classified as Scotch. American bourbon must be aged for a minimum for two years in fresh charred oak barrels.”

However, “accelerated aging” whiskeys aren’t new and they’re becoming more popular. An article by the Equipped Brewer explains the process: “After a short period of aging in a barrel, the barrel is cut into chunks and put with the whiskey into a pressure tank, where the wood quickly absorbs the whiskey, then releases it a few hours later when it is transferred to a vacuum apparatus.”

The video has since gone viral, amassing more than 853,400 views. Many viewers agreed with Brad’s criticism and joked about the absurdity of the whiskey’s claim.

“If that’s not enough, get the double oak at 48 hours!” one commenter quipped.

Another commenter speculated as to why the drink was put in the barrels at all. They wrote, “I believe to be labeled as whiskey they legally have to put it in barrels.”

“They do a rapid aging process with electrolysis. it works but personally, I like it aged properly,” a third commenter remarked.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Brad via TikTok DM and to Tim Smith Spirits via the contact form on its website.

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