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‘Hey! We’re in an oversell situation’: Traveler says airlines legally have to give you $1300 voucher at gate

‘They try to get away with $200.’


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While flights being overbooked may seem illogical and especially frustrating for passengers who paid for their seats in advance, it’s a common practice in the airline industry. The reason? To make sure the plane is as full as possible and account for potential no-shows.

Given that this practice isn’t going anywhere (it’ll stick around as long as it continues to help airlines make a profit), one TikToker suggested that when in this situation, passengers need to band together to squeeze as much money out of an airline as possible.

In a trending TikTok video, comedian Jaron Myers (@jaronmyerscomedy) gave a PSA on what he does in these situations to make sure the airlines are the ones getting financially screwed over, not passengers.

He explains that when he’s at the airport and hears the gate agent say that they’re overbooked and offering a low amount, like $200, to change their flight he immediately steps in.

“I stand up and I yell, ‘Everyone hold, no one move. Legally they have to give you like $1,300. And they try to get away with $200, but if we all stick together we can raise that amount and we can secure the bag,” Myers says.

He’s right in line with the actual rules.

By law, airlines are required to compensate passengers who voluntarily give up their seats between $775 and $1,550 based on the original ticket and delay length, Time reported.

This situation typically occurs when airlines overbook flights, a common practice to ensure an aircraft is as full as possible if some passengers cancel their ticket.

Some people who’ve given up their spot on a plane have earned exorbitant amounts. Last year, eight Delta fliers going to Minnesota were awarded $10,000 each for their seats.

This isn’t the first time The Daily Dot has recounted the woes of travelers dealing with overbooked flights. One woman got bumped off of a Frontier flight and moved onto a flight that wouldn’t leave until two days later.

Another time, shocking footage showed how a man was forcibly removed from a full flight and hospitalized. And others on a Delta flight showed that the airline was ready to give out $4,000 after overbooking a flight.

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Commenters shared their own experiences with overbooked flights.

“I had a flight go to 4000 because they needed like six people to give up their seats amazing day,” a top comment read.

“I volunteer almost every time I fly American so I basically just keep getting free flights w/my travel vouchers. works for me,” a person said.

“My husband, myself and two kids each scored $1500 last month!” another shared.

The Daily Dot reached out to Myers for comment via Instagram direct message.

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