Trump rips CNN again, but this time, CNN blasted him right back


Donald Trump on Saturday went to Twitter and focused on an enemy he loves to hate—CNN. But this time after he blasted the news network, CNN fought back in a tweet that drew twice as many retweets and tens of thousands of more Twitter likes as the president’s rant.

Less than a day after Trump picked a fight with Time magazine that had the internet mocking him, he set his sights on CNN.

Compared to Trump tweeting a video of himself pummeling CNN WWE-style or the obsession of Donald Trump Jr. ripping the cable news network every chance he gets, the president’s attack on CNN on Saturday was relatively mild.

But CNN wasn’t content to ignore the insult, and the network’s communications team clapped back at him 33 minutes later.

Russia on Saturday, though, made an even bigger statement, as Vladimir Putin signed a law that labels foreign media as “foreign agents” in retaliation for the U.S. government asking Russian news service RT to do the same thing. And some on Twitter didn’t think Trump’s tweet was an accident.

Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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