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The numbers are–mostly–not good.

President Donald Trump is a polarizing figure—and his approval ratings reflect that.

While some people are feverishly supportive of the president, nearly every major poll tracking approval ratings for Trump are dismal (and sometimes historically low).

It’s hard to take every poll in a vacuum, however, as each one has its own set of variables, and they speak to a small segment of Americans. That being said, taken all together, the polls do offer a glimpse into the views of a sample of voters on how the president is faring as he maneuvers through his second year in the presidency.

Here’s a look at some of the major polls that show how Americans approve or disapprove of Trump’s job in the Oval Office.

Trump approval rating in February 2018

On Feb. 25, the president’s approval rating made waves when two polls found that Trump’s approval rating dropped to match the lowest of his presidency, 35 percent, according to a survey by CNN. That number was matched in December. Another poll by USA Today and Suffolk University’s Political Research Center had his approval rating at 38 percent.

Trump Approval Rating February 2018 The Daily Dot

Real Clear Politics Trump approval rating: 41.5 percent

While numerous polling firms send out approval ratings each month, Real Clear Politics goes a step further by averaging out some the most recent numbers from major pollsters. The website tracks dozens of major pollsters to find an average, giving people a pretty good idea of how Democrats, Republicans, and independents view the president.

As of late February, Real Clear Politics’ average has Trump’s approval rating at 41.5 percent compared to 54.5 percent who disapprove of the president.

Gallup Trump approval rating: 37 percent

The pollster Gallup does several polls for Trump’s approval rating. Its website offers people a look at weekly, monthly, tri-monthly, half-yearly, and yearly look at the president’s approval ratings, among other options.

Gallup’s latest weekly job approval poll has the president at 37 percent, falling from 40 percent in mid-February. The president’s disapproval rating is just under 60 percent, according to Gallup.

trump approval rating Marc Nozell/Flickr (CC-BY)

Quinnipiac Trump approval rating: 37 percent

Similarly to Gallup, Quinnipiac University‘s polling arm found that the president has a 37 percent approval rating, compared to 58 percent who disapprove of his job in office. The number dropped from a 40 percent approval rating in early February.

The firm said in its February 21 release that Republicans and white men are the only groups who approve of the president and white voters with no college degree have a split opinion on Trump, with 47 percent approving of his job so far, compared to 45 percent who don’t approve.

Fox News Trump approval rating: 43 percent

It’s no secret that Fox News and its programs are kind to the president. But even that has not stopped its polling arm from finding that Trump does not have a majority of voters who approve of his time in office.

In mid-February, Fox News found that 43 percent of voters they polled approved of his job performance, compared to 53 percent who disapproved. That number has dropped significantly from a 48 percent approval rating in February of 2017.

trump approval rating Gage Skidmore/Flickr (CC-BY-SA)

Marist Trump approval rating: 38 percent

Marist College, similar to Qunnipiac, does semi-regular updates on the president’s approval rating. On Feb. 23, Marist found that 38 percent of people approved of Trump compared to 54 percent who disapproved of him.

Of those polled, nine percent said they were unsure of how they felt about his time in office. The numbers were steady from a poll in early February, and up one percent from the college’s January poll.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, only one percent of polled Democrats said they “strongly approve” of the president, compared to 77 percent who “strongly disapprove” of him. On the right, 54 percent of Republicans “strongly approve’ of Trump, with four percent saying the “strongly disapprove” of him.

Rasmussen Trump approval rating: 49 percent

rasmussen poll trump approval rating realdonaldtrump/Twitter

Rasmussen, Trump’s favorite polling firm, is typically kind to the president, making it a fixture of his Twitter posts.

In late February, the firm found an even split of opinions on the president with 49 percent approving of him and 49 percent disapproving of him.

The firm has found those numbers to be close for months, with the 49 percent in late February just one point below a poll a few days prior, the highest they’ve had the president in months.

Whatever way you slice it, the president provokes strong reactions, and most of those aren’t good.

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