Perry BLR

Finally — a YouTube channel is helping people make some sense out of politics. 

“Ice Cream. That is cheap. Fact. And then I suspended Marsha off this bridge. And took a virgin heifer night-riding for a while” said Rick Perry, the GOP front-runner for presidential candidate, in a recent speech.

“Tuna. Eggs. Doritos. Cheesecake. Tamale. See Ya,” he added.

Or did he?

While Perry has said some outrageous things in the past (and just this weekend, the Washington Post uncovered the old racist name of Perry’s ranch) these new statements by Perry are in fact the creation of the YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading.  

Uploaded on September 18, “Rick Perry — A BLR Soundbite” has enjoyed steady views (almost one million), and more than a thousand comments.

“If he actually said stuff like this, I would probably vote for him” wrote Jet213.

“Ingenious. Absolutely hilarious” commented batman0070.

Created in March of 2011, the Bad Lip Reading channel has produced 13 comedic videos under the premise of a “bad lip reading.” The channel had targeted popular music, like their Rebecca Black version titled “Gang Fight,” until a recent political shift.

Since their Rick Perry Bad Lip Reading, the channel has gone on to do one of President Obama, and one of Michele Bachmann, uploaded today.

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