Donald Trump rally turns violent, apparent supporter left bleeding after attack

Donald Trump supporter bleeding after rally

Screengrab via Timcast/YouTube

It’s getting scary out there.

Recent Donald Trump rallies have led to protests that involve anti-Trump forces clashing with police and setting the presumptive Republican nominee’s merchandise on fire.

But on Thursday, the same day Trump again questioned the ability of a federal judge to be unbiased in a fraud case involving Trump University, more protesters turned violent. This time, an apparent Trump supporter was left bleeding.

This was the scene in San Jose, California, while two men walked outside the city’s convention center. The apparent anti-Trump protester allegedly approached one of the men from behind, hit him on the right side of the head with an object, knocked off his glasses, and cut him on the side of his face.

Afterward, the man said the attack was unprovoked.

“I was walking out with my Trump sign,” he told Fusion’s Tim Pool. “He grabbed my Trump sign and started following me, telling me I was a racist.”

The man also said his attacker spit on him.

That man, though, wasn’t the only one who was physically touched by anti-Trump supporters, as the scenes outside of Trump’s rallies are getting scarier.

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