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Viral video shows ‘Yacht Club Karen’ abusing staff

'She's a kid thinking she's managing something here.'

Sep 30, 2020, 7:52 am*



Kahron Spearman

A video on Twitter shows a Brighton, U.K. man, dubbed “Yacht Club Karen,” berating the club management for having to wear a mask.

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The video, posted on @sussexincidents, leads with a caption: "Brighton Marina Yacht club Saturday evening a man refusing to wear a mask (only at the bar under guidelines) whatever his views were his abuse towards the manager was absolutely vile stating 'I will get you. I swear to you.'"

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Wearing a mask in the English coastal city of Brighton and Hove isn't necessarily compulsory in pubs, but the pub management maintains discretion around its safety measures. Masks can be off for eating and drinking, though the man was doing neither.

Once the crosstalk fades, Yacht Club Karen can be seen and heard being incredibly nasty, and telling the manager she's "shameful" for doing her job.

"Who do you think you are?" he asked, condescendingly. "I don't care if you get fined, it's not a problem for me."

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He added: "This bitch here is a shameful manager. She's not a manager; she's a kid thinking she's managing something here."

One of the staff members informs Yacht Club Karen that if he continues with his insults, the police will be called. He doesn't care initially, but the woman with him ultimately persuades him to leave the pub. He still hurled insults on his way out.

A spokeswoman for Sussex Police told Brighton and Hove News that: “We are aware of the video on social media."

“Our policing role during the pandemic has not changed. Our officers will always engage, explain and encourage members of the public with enforcement being used at the time only as a last resort."

“During this health emergency, people need to take personal responsibility for their actions and ensure they are following the current government guidance.

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Twitter/@sussexincidents Challenger

Twitter had a time with the man as well. 

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@Becksieboo75 wrote: "Wow what an ignorant man. I applaud those young ladies for their professionalism in dealing with such an appalling human being nobody deserves to be spoken to like that? He behaved like a petulant child."

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*First Published: Sep 30, 2020, 7:51 am