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Women share their sexual assault stories to raise awareness, show it’s #NotOkay

For over 14 hours, 50 new stories were being shared, per minute.


Allison Keves


By now, everyone has heard the audio clips of Donald Trump boasting about grabbing women by their pussies and being able to do so because he is famous. The tape is horrifying on many levels, but the reality is that women deal with unwanted sexual advances on a regular basis. 

Author Kelly Oxford took to Twitter to ask women to share their experiences with sexual assault and started by sharing her own.

Within minutes, thousands of women responded.

The tweets are heartbreaking and scary.

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Men jumped in and many seemed shocked by what they were reading. “Horrifying. I’m so sorry you had to endure this. I had no idea assault was so sickeningly common. Thanks for opening my eyes,” said one. 

Kelly’s Twitter feed has become a place where women are openly sharing their stories, some for the first time. She also shared this important message.

Kelly is right. It’s #notokay. 

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