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‘Bro we close in 2 mins’: Wendy’s worker shares what they do when a customer asks for ‘fresh nuggets’

‘We did that at Wingstop too lmao.’


Braden Bjella


An apparent Wendy’s worker on TikTok showed how he allegedly responds to a customer’s request for “fresh” nuggets.

In the video, which has more than 3.4 million views, user @raysavvv drops already-cooked nuggets back into the frying oil. “Bro we close in 2 mins and you Talm bout some fresh,” he wrote in the caption.

@raysavvv Bro we close in 2 mins and you Talm bout some fresh 😂🤦🏾‍♂️ #fypシ #foryou #wendys ♬ MOBBIN brill and spence verse – THE BRILLER

Users were divided about this solution. At first, some users said that, if doing this made the nuggets warmer and crispier, they didn’t care.

“Bruh i just want it hot and crunchy,” wrote one user.

“That’s cool with me cause it’s hot and crunchy and not cold and squishy,” agreed another.

“I like mine extra greasy anyway,” shared a third.

One Wingstop worker shared that they allegedly use the same tactic at their store, and, in the past, several McDonald’s workers went viral for sharing this is how they placate customers’ requests for “fresh fries.”

Other alleged former and current Wendy’s employees jumped into comments to voice their thoughts.

“Especially w chicken,” offered a commenter. “Like [i don’t] feel like getting yelled at bc you had to wait 7 minutes for fresh chicken.”

On the Wendy’s subreddit, there seems to be a consensus that there is nothing wrong with wanting your food made-to-order. However, you should be ready to wait.

“Nuggets take 4:30, Crispy Chicken is 3:30, large burgers are 2:30, small burgers are 55 seconds and tenders are 6:15,” explained a redditor.

Back on TikTok, some users took issue with the state of the oil in the video.

“Cooken with Motor oil?” asked a user. “That’s going to be an issue but them nuggets are addictive.”

“That oil has been there since 2017,” joked a second.

In a follow-up, @raysavvv explains that the oil is changed every week on Sundays. Many users claimed this wasn’t enough.

It’s unclear how often the oil is actually supposed to be changed, with sources agreeing that the frequency of change should depend on use. Some redditors claim their location also changes the oil once per week, while Quora users from different fast-food locations put the frequency somewhere between a few days and two weeks.

No matter if TikTokers think this frequency is right or wrong, @raysavvv reminded viewers the store’s policies are not his doing.

“My guy, this is at Wendy’s,” he says in a follow-up, adding in the overlay text: “Go take that up w dem.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Wendy’s via email and @raysavvv via Instagram direct message.

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