A kid trying on a shirt.


‘Karen’ accuses Black teen of stealing shirt from Walmart—he was just trying it on

‘Why is she defending Walmart like the Pentagon?’


Siobhan Ball


TikToker @uglahnose was filming himself trying on T-shirts in Walmart when a woman, who claimed to be a store employee, accused him of stealing and ordered him to leave the store.

The TikToker, @uglahnose, clarified in the comments that he was shopping for groceries with his Dad at the local Walmart when he decided to try on the shirt in the clothing section since the dressing rooms were closed. He seemingly set his camera up to act as a mirror—hence how he caught the moment he was approached by the woman, whom he refers to as a “Karen.”

This isn't staged. I went with my Dad to Walmart so he could buy groceries and I went to the clothing section to look for some clothes, the dressing rooms were closed so I assumed I could just put it on. Then this random lady walked up on me skull emoji

The video shows the woman ordering the teen to take off the shirt and leave the store, saying: “Get out of my store.”

The TikToker objects, saying, “I’m not even trying to steal.”

She responds: “Really? Because that’s a tag right there.”

The teen tries to reassure her that he’s “just trying it on.” She doesn’t seem to believe him, however, repeatedly telling him to take it off and “get out.”


While some assumed the video was staged, the TikToker later reassured viewers that it was not.

Many believe the woman overreacted. “Why is she defending Walmart like the pentagon,” one quipped.

Why is she defending Walmart like the pentagon
queen jordan of jupiter/TikTok
My shirt? My store? Girl this is a Walmart
queen jordan of jupiter/TikTok
Would a person really steal, stand there and record it?
queen jordan of jupiter/TikTok
U totally staged this on ur own to get a reaction. Dress room r closed. U knew better but u decided to push it to see what would happen. Don't lie.
scott hayes/Tiktok
why would you be recording randomly...? staged asf lmao
scott hayes/Tiktok
give us a part 2 and tell us what happen next
scott hayes/Tiktok
I'd do the same thing tho and I've had a similar altercation at Walmart (3 laugh crying emojis) even if it was staged... still accurate AF
kim mungaray/TikTok
what... I try shirts on in all the aisles all the time too and I record to see what my outfit looks like
kim mungaray/TikTok
wdym he knows better all he did was try on a fucking shirt it's not like he was running around putting shit in his pocket

A lot of viewers commented on how the woman allegedly racially profiled the young TikToker. “I’ve done that plenty of times and no one ever came up to me like that,” one user commented, to which another questioned that TikToker’s race and said: “Black folks always accused of stealing.

Kally Sambrano: I've done that plenty of times and no one ever came up to me like that. Vonno Chase: Are you a different race than him cause Black people are always accused of stealing
Kelly Sambrano & Vonno Chase/TikTok
sue for racism and defamation of character
Kelly Sambrano & Vonno Chase/TikTok

Many urged @uglahnose to make a part two. They also demanded to know what Walmart location the incident happened at, and @uglahnose delivered. The TikToker revealed in the comments that it was at a Walmart in Santee, California.

User007: Absolutely unprofessional what Walmart is this let Tik Tok do the work uglahnose: Walmart Santee cali
User007 & uglahnose/TikTok
@walmart what is this?
User007 & uglahnose/TikTok
I hope you show this to the manager and called corperate on her so she gets fired and this doesn't happen to anyone else !!
User007 & uglahnose/TikTok

The Daily Dot has reached out to @uglahnose and Walmart.

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