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‘This is a kid’s game’: Video shows parents losing their minds during Little League game, and viewers say it’s far too common

'Sports Fandom is toxic as hell.'


Cecilia Lenzen


Published Jun 22, 2021   Updated Jun 23, 2021, 11:17 am CDT

Video footage shows several parents losing their minds at a Little League Baseball game, and viewers say it’s a far too common occurrence. 

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The video, posted in the subreddit r/InsaneVideo by u/CerebralGladiator, shows what appears to be several parents yelling and arguing at an undisclosed outdoor baseball field. There are barely any children to be seen. 

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“I only see 1 kid in the video,” one viewer commented. “I’m starting to think that the parents are actually playing.”

Someone off camera hoarsely shouts, “Hey! You fucking piece of shit,” at which point a man whips around and starts angrily walking toward the source of the yelling. 

More unintelligible shouting can be heard, and the two get into a shouting match while a woman tries to pull the man away. 

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Someone else, possibly the person who recorded the video, yells, “This is a kid’s game. Where’s my fucking kid?”

Her singular “line” in the squabble had viewers cracking up. 

“THIS IS A KID’S GA.. where’s my fuckin’ kid?” one user commented. Another replied, “She only had a line in the whole scene.. and she nailed it! Haha.” 

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Others found it more disappointing than funny. 

“Unfortunately, this is a common sight when people’s children are playing any sport. Parents get bootyhurt when a ref give a ‘bad call’ or when their child gets hurt, literally anything,” someone said. 

Another commented, “This makes me so upset. putting myself in the kids perspective with my current hindsight of the situation makes me legitimately sad.” 

One person went into detail on why they “despise sports for their kids.” 

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One thing they all seemed to agree on: “Sports Fandom is toxic as hell.” 

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*First Published: Jun 22, 2021, 4:24 pm CDT