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Maskless Karen compares man pointing at her to being shot at (updated)

‘I told you, you don’t know what I’ve been through in my life.’


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Update Aug. 19, 1:18pm CT: The alleged woman recording the video has come forward with new details. She tells the Daily Dot that she was in fact, wearing a mask and that it was not on her neck, but worn on her face. She says the man nevertheless took issue with how she wore her mask. She claims that the man allegedly did not just point his finger at her, but also used his index and middle finger like the barrel of a gun and pulled the trigger. Additionally, she claims that the man says she should be shot in the video, not “shocked,” and that other women have pointed him out to say he is doing this to them.

In a viral video that surfaced on Facebook, a “Karen” who was confronted for not wearing her mask over her face instead of just around her neck in the grocery store, is shown freaking out after being pointed at by another shopper. In the video, she accuses the man pointing at her of acting like he was going to shoot her with a gun.

The video which on Monday gained traction on the r/FuckYouKaren subreddit thread begins with the woman saying, “What do you have to say for yourself?” while following the man and recording with her phone. “I told you, you don’t know what I’ve been through in my life,” she can be heard stating, continuing further with, “You don’t point your fingers like you’re going to shoot me. What is wrong with you?”

Replying to the woman, the man asks “Why are you acting shocked? You’re not wearing a mask.” To which she replies, “You mind your business.”

Eventually a man who appears to be the woman’s husband steps in and tells the pointing man, already trying to walk away, to “Keep moving” and “Get the fuck out of here.”

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In response to the incident, Reddit user CajuNerd replied saying, “Here’s the thing, Karen, it’s fucking irrelevant what you’ve been through in your life. Mask, or GTFO… The Lion, the Witch, and the audacity of this bitch.”

While other users seemingly agreed with the sentiment of disappointment in the behavior displayed, many were solely focused on the display of Kellogg’s Wine and Cheez-It combo boxes that can be seen in the market’s aisle during the video. The snack and drink pairing became available in U.S. grocers during the summer of last year.

EmoEnforcer wrote “mmm I haven’t eaten yet today and that sounds great.” Joker8656 added “I came here to say this. Got to be the most American shit I ever seen.”

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