Trump supporter yells homophobic slurs at teen

Emily C/YouTube

Video shows Trump supporter yelling homophobic slurs at 19-year-old woman

‘Look at this little d*ke.’


Kahron Spearman


A video that found its way to Reddit shows a fragile Trump supporter yelling homophobic slurs at a young woman at the beach.

The video, originally uploaded to YouTube by “Emily C,” starts with the Trump supporter getting in her face and making threats. According to the video’s YouTube description, the confrontation began when Emily raised her middle finger to the man’s Trump flag.

“You’re just a kid. If you weren’t a kid—you know what? I’m gonna knock that phone out of your hand,” the man tells her. “I wish you were 18. I’d fucking remove your head.”

When she responds that she’s 19, he begs her, “Touch me. Fucking touch me. I dare you. I’ll remove your fucking head.

He backs off, saying to a passerby, “Look at this little d*ke.”

Then, Emily goes over to the truck, outfitted with a Trump flag attached to its hitch. The man had hurried into the vehicle and feigns backing up into her. But then he rolls up and spits at her.

“Bye, baby,” Emily says tauntingly.

“You know what you need?” the man asks. “You need to be removed from the gene pool because you’re too fucking stupid to be alive.”

Then Emily hits the man’s soul: “Aw, you have no hair, sweetie.”

u/urijkaj commented: “lol this guy is the most fragile thing I’ve ever seen, he literally said ‘You should be removed from the gene pool cuz your so fuckin stupid’ to her and she just said ‘ur bald’ and It destroyed him haha.”

Heated, the man gets back out of the truck and into Emily’s face, telling her repeatedly, “Touch me. Fucking touch me.”

“Get that phone out of my fucking face,” says the man who put his face within an inch of the phone. “I’m about this close.”

Emily tells the man to “get back in your truck, bitch.” Then, an older woman with what sounds like an Eastern European accent walks by the scene and tells Emily to shut up, which she reciprocates. She asks the older woman if she’s the Trump supporter’s mother.

The older woman tells Emily too small. She responds by telling the older woman to “go back to your country, bitch.” (“I shouldn’t have said that, I just wanted to make her mad,” she replied to a YouTube commenter.)

“I am bitch? You are an idiot!” the older woman replies.

Emily continues trading barbs with the Trump supporter and the older woman for the remainder of the video. The pro-Trump man finally decides to call the cops, claiming, “When you flip somebody off, it’s assault.”

“She’s a lesbian that’s got no respect,” he tells the older woman. “Look at her, it’s a guy. She should have had balls between her legs.”

“I got more balls than you, pussy,” Emily responds before the man reports a case of verbal assault.

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