tiktoker misogynistic dating advice


‘He got this info from a dog training video’: Man flamed for giving misogynistic dating advice on TikTok

Part of his advice is that men should 'immediately punish' women's 'undesirable behavior.'


Esther Bell


Posted on Dec 20, 2020

A TikToker is getting slammed for his misogynistic dating advice. Viewers are making fun of the advice that they say very much resembles a pet training course. Others are calling him out for sexist views.

In one video that went viral, Myron Gaines, @freshnfit on TikTok, advised men how to react when a woman wants to reschedule a date. Viewers were appalled when Gaines said men should “immediately punish” women’s “undesirable behavior.”

Some viewers said they felt like they were listening to a video about dog training when he told viewers not to “reinforce bad behavior with positive treatment.”

“I GUARANTEE he got this information from a dog training video,” one Twitter user said.


Gaines doesn’t have the duet feature turned on for his videos, so viewers can’t post a reaction video right next to his. But plenty are still screen recording to give their two cents.

Viewers have called Gaines “misogynistic” and “emotionally abusive.”


Go check him out. Too cowardly to keep his duets on so I had to screen record. @freshnfit #girlsgaysandtheys #abuseawareness #emotionalabuse #report

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“Anyone who thinks you need to punish behavior in a relationship is an abuser no doubt,” one Twitter user said.

Some viewers think Gaines’ message on setting boundaries was not inherently harmful, but the way he went about it was rude and “incorrect.” Many also pointed out that emergencies come up and rescheduling a date is not necessarily a sign of disrespect.

Gaines’ other videos talk about “why men MUST pay on the first date,” “how to date multiple girls at the same time,” and “three signs she belongs to the streets.” Gaines, who boasts 54,000 followers on the platform, also advises viewers to “never be vulnerable to your girl” and that “the number one attraction builder with women is indifference.”

Though his videos get fairly high numbers of views, ranging anywhere from 15,000 to 80,000, most videos only get 1,000 to 2,000 likes. Multiple videos have less than 1,000 likes but well over 10,000 views.

Two videos that went viral include the video about rescheduling a date and one about “why men and women can’t be friends.” Those two videos were viewed and liked at much higher rates than previous videos.

But it seems that most viewers just think Gaines’ content is “incorrect” and potentially harmful.


Many viewers also advised people to steer clear of dating someone who would “punish” them for normal behavior.

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*First Published: Dec 20, 2020, 1:08 pm CST