TikToker films Tinder date eating spaghetti but turns out to be a joke


People are outraged over TikToker who filmed her date slurping spaghetti—but it’s fake

The TikTokers admitted the video was staged.


Jennifer Xia


Posted on Feb 10, 2021

People were outraged after Carolina Bovi appeared to secretly film her date as he slurped down spaghetti with a fist grip around his fork. But Bovi and the man featured in the video, Taylor Schleich, later explained that the video was filmed as a joke.

“So this video of me eating pasta like a four year old or like a caveman kind of went viral,” Schleich said. “But I just want to make one thing clear. This was filmed as a joke. I don’t actually eat like that. We were just trying to be funny and recreate a viral video.”


However, most people online didn’t realize that it was a joke and blasted Bovi for posting the video.

“This man took her to a nice ass candlelit dinner with delicious ass food, phone on down, dressed up, and she’s not dazzled???” Twitter user @mariamgunderson wrote. “That and her recording him secretly honestly makes me sick.”

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Others acknowledged his sloppy eating but pointed out that it wasn’t funny to embarrass him online. 

“He’s a sloppy eater, but at least he didn’t try to embarrass his date just for clicks,” @TheKhaldoon tweeted. “Class of her.”

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Some people on Twitter also made fun of Schleich’s dinner manners.

“Judging by his eating skills, I would wager he leaves skid marks on the sheets,” @hassia tweeted. “She was most likely shocked beyond belief that she needed it on video.”

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After the video went viral, Bovi explained that it was filmed as a joke in response to another TikTok. A video shared by @ceciliasilvestri_ is captioned “Someone please save me from this tinder date” and shows her date enthusiastically licking his lips over a similar bowl of pasta. 


Someone please save me from this tinder date #tinder #helpme #fyp

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Schleich, @taylorschleich4 on TikTok, said he gave consent to being filmed and made a follow-up video clarifying that the two were just having fun recreating the original video.

The video ends with Schleich stuffing a piece of bread in his mouth as he says, “I have manners, guys, OK? I wasn’t raised in a barn. My mom taught me well.”

The original video has now been taken down, but a repost of the clip on Twitter has 5 million views.  

TikTok user @iammalxolm commented, “Lmao why were people having WHOLE debates abt this on twitter.” Bovi replied, “Because no one bothered to check the comments before making it viral.”

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*First Published: Feb 10, 2021, 5:32 pm CST