man walking woman recording him from behind caption 'Here's what my friend recorded as you can see his mates were embarrassed asf and ended up apologizing on his behalf after he said what he said'(l) woman in pj's posing hand caption 'So what do you suggest I do? Shut my mouth while random men seggually harass us? No way bby' (c) man hiding face in hands caption 'So many men decided to cat call my bsf so I finally confronted one' (r)

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‘Look at you hiding, you’re such a little baby’: TikToker confronts man who catcalled her friend, sparking debate

'It happens way too often.'


Rachel Kiley


Posted on Jul 19, 2022

A TikToker turned the tables on a man who catcalled her best friend, and the responses she got online have shown just how far society still has to go.

Sophie (@sophiegtxr) said in her post that a number of men had made inappropriate comments toward her friend, and the guy she decided to confront was just “the last straw.”

The video shows her walking towards him in a brightly lit area, cheerily asking him to repeat what he said. Rather than take advantage of the attention he presumably wanted, the man turns away, covers his face, and ultimately hides it in his shirt, away from Sophie’s camera.

“You don’t wanna say it on camera?” she asks. “Aw, look at you hiding, you’re such a little baby.”

@sophiegtxr Tiktok took it down so im reposting #catcallingisnotokay ♬ original sound – nina (taylor’s version)

Another angle showed Sophie’s efforts, provided a better look at the man’s face, and noted that “his mates were embarrassed asf and ended up apologising on his behalf.”

After the videos went viral, Sophie received a variety of responses. Many people applauded her for confronting the guy and showing him just how it feels to be the subject of unwanted attention like that, while others, unsurprisingly, tried to turn the blame and her and her friend.

The TikToker highlighted a few of these abrasive comments in short videos explaining why they are completely out of bounds.

@sophiegtxr Replying to @ilove_benadryl #catcallingisnotokay ♬ no surprises by radiohead – taitù
@sophiegtxr Replying to @isaachyams #catcallingisnotokay #mensuck ♬ STFU – Taehyun
@sophiegtxr Replying to @adnauseam3 heres the attention you so clearly crave #catcallingisnotokay #womensupportingwomen ♬ sonido original –

As one person pointed out, “If you’re ‘destroying someones life’ by simply exposing their actions, they destroyed their own life.”

Sophie also took a moment to point out that catcalling “is sexual harassment” and something that “happens way too often.” She also scoffed at the idea that she should just “shut my mouth while random men [sexually] harass us.”

“No way bby,” she wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sophie via TikTok comment for comment on this story.

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*First Published: Jul 19, 2022, 1:40 pm CDT